13 March 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Mar 13, 2015

- The London shows are upon us, folks, and from what I've been told by those who attended the Wembley tapings, we're in for quite a treat. Based on next week's much anticipated main event, Lashley vs Kurt Angle for the world heavyweight championship, it feels like TNA plans to conclude this year's UK Tour with a bang. But tonight's show promises to get it all started in grand style with a Last Man Standing Match between Bobby Roode and Eric Young. This, to me, has been the best feud in pro wrestling this year and part of me hopes it continues for a little while longer but I imagine we will get our closure tonight. I'm optimistic, however, that the writers will find ways to keep Roode and Young in each other's orbit in the weeks and months ahead.

- Another feud that will most likely conclude tonight is Ethan Carter III vs Rockstar Spud.  I said recently in one of my columns that this feud needed to end soon but I neglected to point out that the feud was most likely prolonged due to EC3's bicep injury, which required surgery in November. Unfortunately, due to EC3's inability to work a match, the writers were forced to find ways to book around him. This led to Tyrus doing much of the heavy lifting against Spud, Mandrews, Jeremy Borash, and later Mr. Anderson. But tonight, EC3 will fight his own battle and so will Spud. To me, this feud of former best friends worked best when it featured its two protagonists so I'm glad to see that they will have an opportunity to settle their differences amongst a hair vs hair match. EC3 vs Spud is tonight's main event and although I'm tempted to predict that TNA will give the victory to the underdog in his hometown, I can't imagine a scenario in which EC3, one of the company's brightest stars and a future world champion, doesn't leave Wembley Arena as the victor.

- While the above feuds are writing their final chapter in their long history, Magnus vs Bram has only just begun, and so happens to be one of the storylines that I'm most looking forward to tonight. I said last week that TNA have found a way to make Magnus interesting again after a disastrous world title reign in 2014. Some might say that it's mostly due to the fact that Bram has clicked as a top star but I prefer not to sell Magnus short. He has proven that he can be a significant part of the roster with the proper booking, evidenced by his fantastic run in the Bound for Glory Series in 2013. So there's not a doubt in my mind that he can once again reach that pinnacle. Magnus possesses star potential. That hasn't changed. And I have a feeling that he will be redeemed in many fans' eyes by the time his feud with Bram is over.

- And lastly, it's been an interesting week that began with Drew Galloway's #StandUp movement, which saw so many TNA fans share with the company what they liked and didn't like about the current product. Many wondered if TNA would in fact implement any of the fans' feedback or if this was simply an angle. I genuinely feel that TNA will look at all the suggestions and requests, and most likely will apply the ones with widespread support. I can't speak on the surveys fans filled out on TNA's site but judging by the tweets I saw last weekend, fans are eager to see a renewed long term focus on the X Division. It's a shame that the company doesn't share our passion for the X Division and based on how the division has been treated in recent years, there simply doesn't appear to be a commitment by the writers to treat the X Division like they do the other divisions.  By that I mean, the X Division continues to be the only division that lacks any sort of direction as it relates to storyline or character development. And I simply can not understand why that is. Why aren't the X Division wrestlers given an opportunity to come out to the ring every week like wrestlers in every other division do to cut a promo or tell a story? Why aren't X Division wrestlers featured in backstage segments or promos that focus on stories? And why aren't X Division wrestlers involved in one-on-one feuds, again, like every other division in the company? It's mind-bogging to me that the division that put TNA on the map and fans clamor for over and over continues to be treated with so little regard by those making the decisions. I've always claimed that TNA are the most fan-friendly promotion in the world but I have to wonder if that's really true when the one thing fans have hopelessly pleaded for year after year has primarily been ignored. Why won't TNA give the fans the X Division and not just any X Division but the X Division that's at its best when fans connect with the characters as much as they are awed by their moves. I implore you TNA...give us what we want. We're not greedy nor are we ungrateful. We aren't asking for the X Division to dominate Impact every week. We simply want it to be apart of Impact every week...just like the Knockouts are apart of Impact every week. And the tag teams. And the mid-carders. And the main eventors. I hope that Dixie Carter and Co. will take notice at all the fans that did #StandUp this week and realize that the X Division is part of the fabric that is TNA and always has been...and always will be. The fact that they continue to neglect it won't change that.

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