12 March 2015

The Official TNA Signings Discussion

Bob Ryder announced early yesterday that TNA has made "several signings (or re-signings)" in the last few weeks and at least one will be announced today and some will be announced this weekend. For this reason, we've decided to create a thread in which we can discuss all the signings as they happen throughout the week. We will report any new signing or re-signing here so please make sure you keep checking in for all the latest.

March 10 - 6:12 PM EST
And the announcements have begun! John Gaburick announced that the company has signed Matt Hardy to a new full-time deal. This is good news simply because Hardy, along with his brother Jeff, have provided much needed depth and credibility to the tag team division. I imagine the Hardys, once Jeff returns, will challenge the Wolves for the TNA Tag Team Championships. 

March 11 - 11:34 AM EST
John Gaburick announced that the company has signed Angelina Love to a new deal. Love seems to have found her niche as a member of the Beautiful Bros recently, which is fine, but I think she's more valuable as a veteran who can put over the younger Knockouts. The division needs depth and Angelina Love provides that.

March 11 - 5:59 PM EST
John Gaburick announced early that the company has signed Tyrus to a new deal. I think Tyrus is still in the process of rehabbing his image after the damage caused by the ridiculous Brodus Clay gimmick so it's hard to say whether or not I see him as a viable long term option in TNA. But I think he's done fairly well as EC3's bodyguard and has improved in recent weeks so he deserves a chance to earn a spot on the roster.

March 12 - 11:27 AM EST 
John Gaburick announced that the company has renewed Rockstar Spud for another year. This is a no brainer since Spud is in the midst of an enormous push by the writers. I imagine that this week's match against Ethan Carter III, win or loss, will ignite Spud's TNA career even more so it's an exciting time to be a fan of the young Brit.

March 12 - 2:48 PM EST
John Gaburick announced that the company has renewed the contract of Tigre Uno. This is another inventory signing to add depth to the X Division. Hopefully, the division which has been practically ignored on the current UK Tour will get some much needed attention at the next Impact tapings in Orlando. If that's the case, Tigre Uno fills a need.

March 12 - 5:09 PM EST
John Gaburick announced that the company has renewed the contract of Bobby Roode for another year. This is obviously the biggest renewal announcement this week, as Roode is one of the top talents in TNA today. Locking up Roode for another year is a no brainier, and its great to know Roode's future will continue to be with TNA. His short term focus will be this Friday's Last Man Standing match with Eric Young, but after that there is no question Roode will be looking to get a World Title shot against the winner of Lashley vs Angle and continue to play a major role in the company going forward.

March 13 - 12:36 PM EST
John Gaburick announced that the company has renewed the contract of Taryn Terrell. This is a great decision simply because Terrell is an important part of the Knockouts Division. She's not quite as skilled a wrestler as Gail Kim but she's gained the respect of wrestling fans for her willingness to take bumps that most women would not. For this reason, I like the fact that TNA have rewarded her with a title reign.

March 13 - 7:27 PM EST
John Gaburick announced that the company has renewed the contract of MVP. This is a good decision simply because MVP has been a nice addition to the roster as well as apart of the two of my favorite factions in recent TNA history, one of which is the BDC. I feel like the BDC has so much more left to do with MVP as their leader so I'm glad to see that he will be sticking around for another year. 

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