08 March 2015

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Mar 6, 2015

The main focus going into this week was the 3 way match for #1 contendership to the World Title between Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode & Eric Young. We were also in for the fallout of last weeks World Title bout, where after much interference from the BDC & opposing members of the roster, Drew Galloway got involved in the Clan's business and caused MVP to lose his title opportunity. The questions going into Impact were how would the BDC deal with Galloway after making 2 declarations of war in 2 weeks? and who would stand victorious and earn the right to fight Lashley for TNA's top prize? 

We opened with the BDC coming down with simply one thing on their minds, Drew Galloway. For me the only logical way the group would leave Lashley be without the title in their possession was if someone kept getting in their business looking for a fight, and to have Galloway as that man is a great choice. I loved him being out in the crowd, and the promo was fantastic, it was passionate, it was intense & most of all, it made perfect sense. Drew explained why he was going after the BDC and how it fit in with his #StandUp for Wrestling movement, the BDC want to dictate what viewers see and who has the belts, and he wants the fans to dictate instead. This all leads to a very solid opener with Galloway beating Kenny King in his debut match. I like the potential Drew has with this gimmick, and with what's been going on with him taking over TNA's social media accounts, I'm pumped to see what the movement may deliver.

I enjoyed the short backstage segment between James Storm & Bram, while I wasn't thrilled about the idea of Bram joining The Revolution, I do like the fact these two separate entities came together because of one common enemy. It might have been a small thing but seeing Storm asking Bram to take out Matt Hardy continued the rivalry between the two and re-affirmed that Storm wants to rid TNA of the Hardys, also the "I like what you did to Magnus" "I like what you did to Jeff" exchange made me chuckle. Hardy vs Bram was a pretty physical, close encounter until Bram hit a low blow and the brighter side of suffering for the win. Before Bram can follow up on James Storm's wishes by destroying Hardy with a turnbuckle, Magnus returns and fights Bram off, and then cuts a hell of a promo. From what I saw of Magnus on the show, I'm hopeful this feud gets him back on track and makes him a relevant main eventer once again, as he can be the present & future of TNA when used right.

The EC3/Spud feud has been very enjoyable IMO, and I think the timing seem's just about right for it to end and for both parties to move on. The confrontation between them was great, with Spud desperate to get Carter one on one, and Ethan continuing to torment Spud and put him down. The hair vs hair stipulation is also something I'm glad to see, during this feud its been a big focus, and we now know it won't be for nothing with this guaranteed pay-off. While some might not expect it, I think this match will be fantastic with both men busting their asses to deliver the goods to conclude this feud, and it could also be the bout that puts Spud on the map as being damn good inside the ropes. The Knockouts Title match saw Kong dominate Taryn Terrell in every way imaginable, almost the entire match was Kong on offence until she shoved Hebner and was DQ'ed. Eventually Gail Kim came out and fought Kong off to the back, leaving Taryn down but not out. This for me is the start of a big rivalry between these 3, while some may see it leading to another Kim/Kong feud, I think Taryn will be too proud to admit she needed someone to stop Kong and will want to prove she can stand alone and beat Kong, leading to her & Gail butting heads and this program getting into full motion.

Great tag team title match that saw the Wolves regain the belts to become champions for the third time. I must say I'm a big fan of this change for two reasons, firstly because the Wolves have been fantastic since their debut last January, and in my eyes are already one of the very best teams TNA has ever head, and secondly with this title change James Storm is now free to focus on being a singles champion and leave the tag titles to another combination of the Revolution. Storm has been great and absolutely deserves to be mixing it up at the top of the card in the World title picture, and this will also give one or even two other members of the Revolution the opportunity to have their own story and go and reclaim the tag titles for their leader. TNA did a great job of building the main event throughout the night, the promo segment/brawl between all three followed by the video packages for each competitor really got you pumped to see these top stars compete, and the match didn't disappoint. The 10 german suplex sequence was great, credit to EY & Angle on that, from that point to the final bell I thought the match was fantastic, the reversals, the pacing and the 3rd man interruptions came together and worked very well. Angle gets the win and in two weeks we get him vs Lashley for the Title. The visual of them facing off at the end was great, especially with Roode in the background, as I'm very curious to see what role he might play in the title picture after Lashley vs Angle.

Favorite Moment - I thought Drew Galloway's promo was fantastic, it established Drew in TNA and confirmed to me that this guy can be a huge star for the company going forward. The passion, the realness and the connection made this a very special moment and a great starting point for Drew's run in TNA.

Least Favorite Moment - I didn't dislike anything on the show, however I must say I dislike the fact that since the second show of the Destination America era the X Division has been non-existent, even Low Ki has stopped coming out with the belt. Consider this me pushing the notion "#StandUp for the X Division" 

MVP of the Night - I think Drew Galloway absolutely gets this accolade. His first time on the mic didn't disappoint and a win over Kenny King in his debut match means he had a perfect night.

Grade - I really enjoyed this show from start to finish, I thought the action was solid across the board, a great night in the promo department and a good combination of storyline continuation and set-up. Best show of the UK run so far so Im gonna give this one a solid A.

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