15 March 2015

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Mar 13, 2015

This kind of a show is one we'll look back on 5 years from now and pinpoint as a launching pad for both Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud.  Both men were absolutely spectacular in the main event and I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of IMPACT because the quality level was very high.  TNA just keeps outdoing themselves with these U.K. shows and we still have one more glorious episode left to cap off another awesome Maximum IMPACT Tour.  All good things come to an end, but due to the nature of the Destination America Era in 2015 so far, IMPACT is so good right now that it doesn't even bother me that they are returning to the IMPACT Zone for a few months.  Normally I would somewhat dread it but this wrestling promotion is currently on fire and this product would be hot no matter where they filmed it on the entire planet, and I truly mean that.

We saw IMPACT in London kick off with a beautiful video package which highlighted the 3 main feuds that would be culminating in the ring tonight.  The production value that has accompanied the move to Destination America has remained at an increased level and it's a joy to see on a weekly basis.  Eric Young VS Bobby Roode in a Last Man Standing match: Wowza!  What a tone-setter for a brutally violent night.  These two Canucks beat the tar out of each other each and every time they fight.  This London crowd was hot all night long and were very vocal from the get-go with this bout.  Roode putting the deranged Eric Young through a table with a Roode Bomb from the apron of the ring to the floor below was quite an impressive bump.  We get spoiled as fans by the crazy bumps that TNA wrestlers take.  It is hard-hitting pro-wrestling action, just the way we like it!  The It Factor stood up just before the 10 Count and one-ups Eric again as their feud continues to be very captivating.  Both men are killing it right now.

Drew Galloway has arrived in a very big way.  He has fit into the show so naturally and effectively.  His #StandUp campaign is a perfect way to connect with the fans and it, in turn, provides direct feedback to the company and the decision-makers within.  The fans have a real voice that will be heard.  Drew is a huge asset for TNA already and will prove to be a fantastic signing more and more as time goes on.  His feud with the BDC and MVP is going to get more and more intriguing as it evolves.  Who will help him and what is going to tangibly happen with this #StandUp movement going forward?  Only time will tell but I am starting to see the writing on the way and it looks damn good.

Magnus and Bram peeled back another layer of their very personal, hate-filled rivalry.  Bram is a frickin' maniac.  A loose cannon.  A scary, scary man.  The psychology that Bram incorporates into the mix is simply brilliant and unique.  He knows how to invoke genuine emotion from the fans.  This man is a star.  Magnus and Mickie James were both spot-on in this segment too.  We can now feel true empathy and sympathy for Magnus.  This storyline has been one of the best things in pro-wrestling in 2015.  Bram wants to take away everything that the Mag Daddy loves and he's doing a diabolically excellent job at it so far.  He is absolutely terrorizing Mickie and her future husband.  You can't ask for much more as this angle has all the elements of greatness.

I like the BroMans and Brooke but the inter-gender match was the only downside of the night to me.  I understand why it was used and the comedic relief involved but I'm ready for the Brooke/Robbie E thing to be done.  Let Brooke wrestle in the KnockOuts Division.  This Amazing Race thing needs to be over ASAP.

Spud VS EC3?  Hair VS Hair?  Streak VS Spud?  It lived up to the billing that it received all week long.  Tons of promotion for this match on social media during the week leading in and, in retrospect, I understand why.  Thankfully they gave this main event the time it deserved.  I didn't mind the graying-out moments but it did seem unnecessary as they were so occasional and disjointed.  The amount of blood involved  was hardcore and graphic.  The fan base loves it.  We want an adult product.  We want blood.  We do not want PG and/or sports entertainment.  Thank you TNA for giving us the best pro-wrestling product on TV.  Some of the comments I have seen after this episode aired have been outstanding.  There's no doubt that this EC3/Spud match delivered BIG TIME.  It was the cherry on top of a delicious, thick milkshake.  The show was titled "There Will Be Blood" and indeed, there were ample pools of it.  Spud has more heart than anyone else in the business right now and EC3 is a shoo-in as a future TNA World Champion.  Classic underdog VS the cocky heel.  It works every time and it certainly did here.

Favorite Moment - I personally enjoyed the Bram and Magnus/Mickie James segment the most.  Bram is a demented psychopath and I'm loving every minute of it!  KISS MY BOOT!  KISS IT! 

Least Favorite Moment - The Robbie E and Brooke match wasn't in tune with the rest of the night but I understand having some comedy thrown in to mix things up I suppose.

MVP of the Night - I will give it to both EC3 and Spud.  Both men just completely elevated their careers with a match like that.

Grade - If you don't think that was an A level show then you need to check yourself.

I'll leave you with this awesome picture created by Bruce Fernandes and brought to you courtesy of @TNA_UK_Fan.  Thanks guys! #StandUp

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