17 March 2015

EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud: A Top Star is Born

Disclaimer: It's been a little while since I have done one of these things and I apologize for that but it's a matter of finding time to write these things and I can't always find the time to do so. With that out of the way, let's get to the Musings. In this write up, I will be talking about EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud, Bram's awesomeness and how Samoa Joe going to WWE would be the best thing that ever happened to TNA.

EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud: A Top Star Was Born

      EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud was one of the most hyped singles matches in recent memory and the match not only lived up to the hype, it surpassed it. In the process, that match cemented EC3 as a TNA main eventer. TNA gave these two men who have been tied at the hip either as friends/allies or as enemies for over a year THIRTY minutes on Impact last week. Let me repeat that: TNA gave these two THIRTY minutes on Impact and they were the main event the show was built around; not Roode vs. EY which featured two long term TNA stars who opened the show and got twenty minutes themselves and not even Lashley vs. Angle which was only hyped through video packages. (Holy Run on Sentence Batman) Given this opportunity was most certainly a risk as they could've Roman Reigns'd this opportunity and fail miserably however this was EC3 and Rockstar Spud we are talking about here and they had a kickass match with the crowd firmly in the palms of their hands. It's pretty ironic that the match that firmly entrenches EC3 as a main event heel was not a match against "The Icon" Sting (Oh shit my bad, I meant "The Vigilante" Sting. Sorry Vince, Steph and Paul McMahon), it was not a match against "The Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle (Though they will meet again in 2015, they have too) and it wasn't in a match against Bully Ray (I don't think he has a moniker) rather it was against a 165 lb. man who wrestles in a bow tie named Rockstar Spud.

      However the man who I am talking about who was made into a top star last Friday on Impact is not EC3 as he is already a top star, no I am talking about Rockstar Spud here (#Swerve). For the better part of a year, Spud has been a fun comedy act on Impact based on promos and skits on the show. His wrestling ability was ignored completely as whenever he wrestled, he got squashed. This was the first time he has had a featured singles match where he got a chance to strut his stuff in the ring and dammit the dude delivered in spades. He more then held his own against a man who outweighed him by 80 lbs. and even had to combat not only EC3 but his own body as every breath he took led to more blood spilling out of his forehead (I think that is a JR line he used to use whenever a guy bleeds profusely) to the levels that was too hardcore for Destination America it would seem. That truly was a spectacular blade job by Spud. After the match the look of sheer exhaustion and shock on EC3's face (after beating Spud clean) more then put over Spud's in ring prowess and made Spud a top star. Now we all know the promo that EC3 cut on Spud was a set up for another bit of humiliation (Shaving his head while Spud was in the tree of woe was unbelievably brilliant) for Spud but the words EC3 used when putting Spud over also resonated with the audience and established Spud as the greatest underdog wrestler on Wrestling TV today.

      EC3 is already a top star and this match made him a TNA main eventer however this match turned Rockstar Spud from comedy midcarder into a Top star in TNA as well. A feud in wrestling that builds to a blow off match that elevates both wrestlers who are feuding is a beautiful thing to watch and despite the gory blood bath we witnessed Friday night, EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud was a thing of beauty.

Don't Sleep on Bram as He Is Approaching EC3 Levels of Awesomeness Too

      While the WWE product is an embarrassment, TNA's product seems to have an embarrassment of riches on their hands. EC3 has established himself as a main event heel in the company thanks to his feud with Spud and is a shoo-in to be challenging whoever the TNA world champion is at Slammivarsary 2015 and now EC3's prior spot as the ascending young heel in the company is being filled by Bram who is just killing it in his feud with Magnus. The promos he has cut on Magnus have been stupendous, the random beatdowns of people before he calls out Magnus has been awesome and the segment he had on Impact last week was his best yet as he had unbelievable heel heat as the result of humiliating Mickie James and Magnus at the same time. If he DDT'd Mickie after Magnus kissed his boot, the heel heat would've been off the charts and I am pissed TNA didn't have him do it. Bram has been in TNA for only 10 months and he already has folks like me eagerly awaiting his arrival into the TNA main event picture. By the way did anyone else get a Bane vibe from Bram when he was cutting that promo on a handcuffed Magnus last week on Impact?

Samoa Joe Going to WWE May Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To TNA

     There is a theory by many TNA fans myself included that the reason why top indy stars would rather stay on the indies instead of going to TNA is because these wrestlers don't want to risk never getting a shot to make it to the top in WWE by going to TNA first. The people who dismissed this theory of course had no evidence to refute what the theory is because it's true. If you make a name for yourselves in TNA after TNA got on Spike TV in 2005, you will not get a shot in WWE. Vince McMahon may be clueless when it comes to booking a wrestling show but as a business man, he is brilliantly ruthless. Unless TNA is willing to overpay for a top indy star who is an unknown to mainstream wrestling fans, TNA would never be able to sign a top indy star before WWE does because it was known within wrestling circles (And actually confirmed incidentally by Kevin Steen) that once you go to TNA, your shot at making it in WWE is gone. However that may all change if and perhaps when Samoa Joe goes to WWE at the behest of "The doofus son in law" and used properly. Joe was a top TNA star known to the world because of his time in TNA so if Joe goes to WWE and gets a fair shake it might help put the kibosh on WWE blackballing TNA stars and might incidentally open the door for TNA to be able to net top indy stars without having to grossly overpay for them. Given TNA's openness by necessity to let their wrestlers work for other promotions these days coupled with these guys still able to get a fair shot in WWE down the road if need be might lead to a lot of new talent coming to TNA. Oh and not having a shell of his former self Samoa Joe on the TNA roster taking up money that can be spent elsewhere and TV time doesn't hurt TNA either. 

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