06 February 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Feb 6, 2015

- This week, I'd like to begin with tonight's Lockdown, a show that, up until this year, was a PPV. In fact, it had been one of TNA's top PPVs of the year so the fact that the company chose to air the show for free, this year, on Destination America seems like an odd decision. I'm not so sure that it is, however, simply because I feel like Lockdown lost a bit of its luster in recent years. I'm not quite sure why that is, although I have my theories, but TNA must believe that Lockdown is currently better suited as a special episode of Impact. And I agree with them.

- I'm looking forward to this year's Lockdown much more than previous years due to the fact that TNA has done things a bit differently this year.  For one, this year's Lethal Lockdown seems to revolve around the world heavyweight championship as opposed to the yearly power struggle or invasion storyline, both of which I dread this time of year.  It truly is refreshing to go into a Lethal Lockdown match in which the winner does not gain control of the company.  Tonight's battle inside the cage is all about personal feuds that were sparked by each man's desire to get their hands on the world title belt, whether they earned it or not.

- The writers have also done a great job building up every match on the show as opposed to the one or two random matches that seemed to find their way onto the Lockdown card the last few years. Each match brings with it a volatile situation that can erupt at any moment inside the six sides of steel. With the possible exception of Awesome Kong vs Havok, the participants in the other matches have a genuine hatred for their opponents due to the wonderfully complex storytelling of the last few months. The writers have so expertly created a setting in which feuds have become so personal amidst a battleground ruled by a gang mentality. For this reason, this year's faction wars are simply a backdrop for the many TNA bigwigs who will enter the cage tonight to settle their differences. By the end of the night, the victors will get their arms raised, while the losers will foam at the mouth in anticipation of their next encounter. In the booth, Josh Mathews and Taz will wax poetic when they recall the night's events and who emerged victorious. Nowhere in their final word, however, will there be any mention of the company changing hands and that in itself makes this year's Lockdown a success.

- It's been almost a month since Kurt Angle stepped down as the Director of Wrestling Operations and there hasn't been a single mention of a replacement or whether or not there will be one. I, for one, am hoping that TNA has finally realized that an authority figure, heel or face, is unnecessary and therefore not in the plans going forward. 

- And lastly, the addition of Drew Galloway seems to have sparked quite a bit of excitement from wrestling fans since the news broke that he signed with TNA, and after I watched some of his work in the indies, I can see why.  I've always been indifferent to Galloway (aka Drew McIntyre), mostly due to his work with the WWE, but I began to seek out some of his post-WWE work in recent weeks. What I discovered was a talent who's truly a star simply in need of a platform.  A platform, unlike the WWE, that will allow him the freedom to exhibit all of his skills in his own way on an international stage. A platform like TNA. For this reason, I was glad to hear that he had debuted at the Glasgow tapings and quite frankly, I'm eagerly anticipating his TNA debut on television, which presumably will be on February 20th. However, he could possibly debut on the February 13th episode of Impact if he taped a backstage segment. Whichever the case, TNA have in Galloway a true gem who can charm the viewers with his passionate mic skills and electrify them with his stiff wrestling. I realize those who've only watched him in the WWE, especially in the last couple of years, are probably wondering right now, "Drew McIntyre? Passionate? Stiff?" Yes, Drew McIntyre. Be ready to be shocked, folks. Or shall I say charmed and electrified?

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