20 February 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Feb 20, 2015

- It's been quite an eventful week and unfortunately, the biggest story of the week has been Samoa Joe's departure from TNA. I will admit, I was genuinely shocked when I read the news. I was under the assumption that the two sides had perhaps agreed to a new deal since his contract expired in December and he had been a member of the company's top heel faction. But I suppose the fact that his was not one of the names announced last month of wrestlers who had signed new deals should've been a red flag. Nobody knows the real reason why TNA and Samoa Joe ultimately parted ways after almost a decade so I won't speculate but I will say this, I don't begrudge either side their right to make the best possible decision for themselves and neither should you.  I understand that some look for someone to blame in times like these, and sadly many of the dirtsheets have tried their best to stir the pot by pointing the finger squarely at TNA, but this is simply a case in which the two sides could not agree to sign on the dotted line. It's business. And that's all this was.

- It's easy to misinterpret TNA's contract negotiations as a cutting cost strategy but I believe it's as much to do with a desire to create a new generation of TNA originals as it does about money. Although it may seem like it, TNA isn't ushering in a new era by strategically showing the long time favorites such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe the door. They're simply restructuring the roster based on their new vision, and unfortunately, they can not continue to overpay an aging core of originals simply for tradition's sake. It's time for a new core of TNA originals to emerge. The hungry young stars who will lead TNA for the next five to ten years. I will miss Samoa Joe and as saddened I am to see him go, I understand why he chose to leave. And I understand why TNA chose to stand firm.

- So who do you suppose are the wrestlers, currently on the roster, who will comprise the next TNA originals? It's something to think about. Do you see anyone on the current roster who possesses the qualities required to become part of the fabric that is the core of the new TNA? I'm looking at the roster and as I study each wrestler's strengths and weaknesses, I'm realizing that the new originals' identity as a group is in stark contrast to those who came before them. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and many others represented a style of wrestling. It was their ability to impress inside the ring that ultimately became the prerequisite for their inclusion in the club known as the TNA originals. This was their identity. And it's an identity that I don't see much of when I look at those who are prime candidates for a spot in the new originals. So the question this part of the plan? Is TNA grooming a particular type of talent to represent them for the next five years, a type of talent whose identity couldn't be more different from those who came before him? It certainly feels like it.

- And lastly, it appears that TNA spent much of last weekend scouting new talents to bring in and based on the reactions from the fans on social media, and those on TNAMecca, it looks like the company hit the mark with some of the names. Shaun Ricker seems to be the most coveted by TNA fans and rightfully so. He's the type of talent that TNA would be foolish not to bring in simply because he's exemplifies the qualities one looks for in a mainstream wrestler. He's got the look, the personality, the mic skills, and most importantly, the in-ring skills to be an enormous star in the industry. I fully endorse Shaun Ricker and I hope that come mid-March, when it's time to tape new episodes of Impact, that he will be making his debut. The two other much-talked about talents were Cherry Bomb and her husband Pepper Parks. This is an interesting situation and I have a feeling that TNA's interest in them might stem from a failed attempt to sign Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis. It's quite possible that the writers have a story planned for a couple, a real-life one perhaps, and the Body and the Bomb as the duo call themselves would be an ideal fit. I think they'd be great additions to the roster and they would bring with them a dynamic that I feel the wrestling industry sadly lacks, a strong couple. For those who grew up in the 80's, I don't have to tell you the impact that the Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth made. Their relationship, in good times and bad, was must-watch television. I don't see why a wrestling promotion can't replicate or even improve on a story that's timeless. I certainly would like to see it. Other talents that got a good look last weekend included the Von Erichs, Los Ben Dejos, Haku's son Tevita Fifita, Mason Ryan, and Crimson so I fully expect to see a few new faces walking around the Impact Zone in March.

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