15 February 2015

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Feb 13, 2015

For this edition of Impact we didn't have a big hook like we've seen in previous weeks, this week's show was simply the fallout from Lockdown & the first show on the UK tour. I don't think anyone really knew what to expect from the Lockdown Fallout, we were told there would be an update on Jeff Hardy's condition, and we expected some kind of reaction from the BDC after Lashley helped Team Angle last week. While there wasn't much to go on, the UK tour never fails to deliver, so anticipation as to what would go down this week was high.

We opened the show with Kurt Angle thanking his team from last week and calling out Lashley. Angle then went on to thank Lashley for helping him and then made his intentions clear that he's going after the World Title. I love the fact that no matter whats going on, TNA creative are still making the main focus of the show the World Championship, and that just because guys might be on the same side of the fence (heel/face) it doesn't mean they like each other and it doesn't mean they wont go after one another to get to the World Title. This was scattered all over the show, with Angle, Roode & Aries all making it clear they want Lashley's belt, and in the case of my first point Lashley stating him getting involved in Lethal Lockdown wasn't to help Team Angle, but to get his hands on MVP. The BDC come out to some pretty sweet new music and want a piece of Angle & Lashley, leading to the main event with Angle teaming with Lashley to face two members of the BDC.

Roode vs Aries was highly entertaining & highly competitive. These two always deliver when paired together as either team-mates or opponents, and this match was no different. This match had a little something on the line, as the winner would more than likely move into 1st place in the Top 5 rankings, meaning they would enter next weeks gauntlet last at number 20. It was nice to see with all that taken into account the sign of respect from both men after the match, re-emphasising the fact that while these two respect one another, they have no hesitation putting that aside and fighting to get to the TNA Title. Roode wins this encounter and after making his World Title intentions clear, Eric Young jumps him from behind, piledriving Roode in the ring & then again on the stage. The attack came off well, EY looks unhinged at this point and Roode was out for the count, so much so that he's been removed from the Top 5 & next weeks Gauntlet. It looks like the Roode vs Young rivalry that Bobby wanted to put behind him after last week is far from over.

We got a segment with Al Snow & Grado to promote their match next week, and while I'm sure a lot of people who don't like Grado thought this would be bad, it wasn't bad at all. Al did a great job here, getting a lot of heat on himself and getting the already pro-Grado crowd to rally behind him more. The bit with Grado's maw was pretty funny, and while I don't expect it to be the best match, I'm interested to see exactly what Al Snow vs Grado will deliver and see if there is more to Grado than just his character & entrance. Bram had a quick squash match against Crazzy Steve, this match was simply a platform for Bram to make one short statement "fight me Magnus". We haven't seen Magnus since Bram attacked him a few weeks ago, but I look forward to his return and the brawl that will ensue once these two cross paths.

The Handicap match was pretty entertaining, a lot of offence from EC3 & Tyrus until the underdog comeback from Spud for his team. Never in a million years did I ever expect JB to get air and dive from the top rope onto Tyrus, that along with the one-liners from Mathews & Taz throughout the match had me chuckling. EC3 hit the 1%'er on Spud to get the win, and before he could shave Spud bald the lights went out, and when the came back on Mr Anderson was stood in the ring. I legit LOL'ed when Anderson was stood between EC3 & Tyrus pumping them up to fight someone coming down to the ring, the looks of confusion on their faces were gold. Anderson's back to even the playing field a bit and help the underdog's in this feud, and with Anderson on their side I feel like they have a chance of overcoming the odds and actually getting the better of Carter & Tyrus in the coming weeks. Madison Rayne tried to cut a promo talking about her desire to become KO Champion again, but kept getting interrupted but thuds playing over the sound system. I think after the second thud Madison should have realised what was about to happen and prepared for her impending match, she didn't and carried on running her mouth until Awesome Kong arrived and beat her in pretty convincing fashion.

Matt Hardy came out to give an update on Jeff after last weeks fall. Matt did a good job of selling the injury like one of the worst Jeff has ever had, saying how normally Jeff would give a sign to say he's OK, but last week that sign never came. The Revolution interrupts and James Storm reels off an impressive list of guys who couldn't take out Jeff Hardy, and then offers Matt the chance to join the Revolution, Matt rejects and gets beat down until the Wolves arrive and fight off the Revolution. To me I have a feeling that this will lead to Storm & Matt feuding during these UK shows, and one of the other Revolution members filling Storm's place and defending the Tag Titles with Abyss against The Wolves, I might be far wrong but I'm sure we will find out pretty soon.

Pretty good tag main event to close the show involving the Top 3 contenders and the World Champ. While they didn't do much to influence the outcome during the match, it was very smart of the BDC to take out Austin Aries & Gunner earlier in the night to allow Kenny King & Low Ki to meddle on the outside during the match. With them taking out allies of Angle & Lashley during the night, it might explain why EY arrived to the building with the BDC. I think they may have got into Young's ear and motivated him to take out Roode, making him believe he should do it to get redemption, but in reality it was so Roode wouldn't get in the way of the BDC going after Lashley & Angle. After the BDC got the win we saw Lashley & Angle argue, that coupled with the opening promo planted the seeds for a match between these two for the World Title, but with the BDC around I doubt it will happen just yet. Next week's Gauntlet will determine who gets the next shot at Lashley, will Kurt Angle win and make the dream match vs Lashley a reality? or will a member of the BDC be the last man standing and look to take what they claim is there's?

Favorite Moment - Roode vs Aries was very good, and I felt it was a good representation of what the current TNA product brings, great wrestling with some of the best in the business, regardless of whether its heel vs face, heel vs heel or face vs face, squaring off with one common goal in mind, winning the TNA World Title.

Least Favorite Moment - I didn't think this week's use of the Knockouts segment was great. Yes you could say it was to establish Kong's dominance, but after beating Havok last week, there was no need to. Plus Madison acting like she didn't know what the music interruptions meant was hard to believe, and her cutting a promo on no Knockout being able to beat her knowing she had a match with Kong was just her mixing a recipe for disaster. 

MVP of the Night - I have to give it to the BDC. They got revenge for Lethal Lockdown by taking out two members of the opposing team and then beating the other two in a tag match, all while securing the number 17, 18 & 19 spots in next weeks gauntlet. The Clan said they were going to take possession of the World Title, and with their entrance numbers in the gauntlet, their chances of getting a Title match against Lashley look pretty damn good.

Grade - Good show to kick off the UK tour, with last weeks Lockdown it was always going to be a drop off in quality this week, which is specifically because of the fact Lockdown is a TV special for a reason. Good show with a little mix of everything, so I'll give this week's Impact a C+/B-.

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