17 February 2015

TNA and Samoa Joe Part Ways

Samoa Joe and TNA Executive Vice President John Gaburick announced Joe's departure from the company this evening. I have to say I'm very surprised by this, as it really came out of nowhere. With the recent formation of the BDC, I never thought that Joe would decide now was the time to move on, however with it being clear that MVP is the leader of that faction, meaning he will be the one to be challenging for the World Title, Joe must have thought that his chances of a main event push in the near future were doubtful, and at almost 36 years old, realised he can't afford to wait much longer for his chance and decided to move on to try and get that opportunity somewhere else. It's a damn shame to see Joe leave, as creatively he's not been used to his full potential for several years, but regardless of that continued to deliver some fantastic matches in the Heavyweight, Tag & X Divisions. On behalf of everyone at TNAMecca, I'd like to thank Joe for all of his great contributions over the last 10 years, and wish him the very best as he moves on to the next chapter of his career.

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