10 February 2015

Back to the U.K.? OK!

I've said it so many times, it's getting silly at this point: The annual U.K. Tour is my favorite thing that TNA does all year, and I truly mean that.  The anticipation for this 2015 version seems to have a distinct freshness and an increased excitement level to it.  Part of that overall feeling emanates from TNA releasing the names online of 1 returning TNA wrestler and 1 debuting TNA wrestler.  Mickie James coming back to TNA is going to be a very intriguing and compelling portion of IMPACT.  It's an obvious and logical assumption to link her to her real-life husband, Magnus, as their baby was brought up recently on TNA's flagship show before Bram bashed Daddy's head in with a pool cue ball.  I haven't read any spoilers, but this could get very, very interesting moving forward with this storyline.

The other name that was released by TNA was Drew Galloway.  The WWE completely shit the bed on this guy, let's be honest.  Like so many quality talents in recent years, the WWE made Drew into an afterthought and stuck him with a horrible gimmick.  It's a pattern that the WWE has gotten itself into in recent years, and it's one of the reasons that I rarely watch their product.  They implement the type of sports entertainment, kiddie junk that I want nothing to do with.  It insults the intelligence of their audience, yet a majority of their fans just eat up anything that Vinnie Mac pulls out of his ass.  Thankfully, Drew has washed off the douchbaggery that he was forced into before he left the E, and now will be allowed to be the badass that he really is.  His debut and his initial run in TNA figures to be an absolute joy to watch. 

Lastly, I want to give a BIG shout-out to our U.K. TNAMeccanites.  I had no idea how passionate the U.K. portion of our community was until 2 weeks ago.  You all represented TNAMecca so well, it just warms the cockles of my heart.  We admire you all for showing up to the shows with so much enthusiasm for the product.  A TNAMecca sign made the rounds on social media at the London tapings and we sincerely thank TNA_UK_FAN for bringing it and holding it up with pride:

Many of our U.K. readers and commenters were in attendance at these 3 shows, and I have no doubt that they all had a fantastic time.  The United Kingdom and TNA have a special energy with each other.  It gets more intense with each passing year.  The U.K. freaking loves this company!  It brings me much happiness to watch these crowds bring the noise and large attendance each and every year to my T.V.  Thank you again to all the fans that showed up in Glasgow, Manchester and London.  I am eagerly anticipating the next six weeks.  What a fantastic time to be a fan of TNA.  All begins this week!  

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