06 January 2015

TNA Tuesday Randomania - Jan 6, 2014

- It's a moment TNA fans have been waiting for since November 19th and I'm happy to report that the premiere of Impact Wrestling on Destination America is just a day away. One day, folks. Tomorrow, at 9:00PM EST, TNA fans will be glued to their television sets to watch the opening moments of the first ever episode of Impact on Destination America. As much as fans are excited for the show, they're equally as excited for the show's intro in order to get a glimpse of the new Impact logo in all its glory.  That's what makes us diehards.  Even the tiniest of things such as a new graphic brings us joy because of what it represents. It's a new era for the company that we love. But even more than that, it represents TNA's ability to persevere in the face of so much adversity. My fellow TNA fans, I encourage you to watch the opening moments of Impact tomorrow night and take it all in, cherish it, and let it be a reminder that our unwavering support for TNA did not go to waste. Dixie Carter and Co. made sure of that.

- The excitement doesn't end there, however. As excited as fans are for the opening, it's the debut of Josh Mathews in the announce booth that intrigues them. At that moment, when the new voice of Impact Wrestling welcomes us to the Manhattan Center in New York City, the realization that this is truly a new era will hit us like a ton of bricks. As jarring as it may be at first, I think fans will embrace Mathews simply because I think they understand that a new era oftentimes requires systemic changes, and that includes the replacement of the longtime veteran lead announcer in favor of the young exuberant one. This is significant because a new lead announcer could reshape the product at its core with a simple catchphrase, or the way he calls an historic moment. It's that kind of impact that Josh Mathews will have on TNA's television product and tomorrow night he will get that opportunity. I just hope he's ready for it.

- The excitement doesn't end there either because what happens next has been a frequent topic of discussion amongst TNA fans for the last month. The anticipation has been brewing and fans want to know...who will open the show? The opening segment will most likely set the tone for the rest of the show but more importantly it will make a statement, a very important one, so I hope TNA have something special planned. I'm not naive to think that the show will open with a match but I think it's imperative that the opening segment marks a new beginning for the company. What that is, I don't know but I do know if Impact Wrestling is to be a true wrestling show, the opening segment will need to demonstrate it.

- Following New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 9 event on Sunday, MVP tweeted that he will be bringing strong style puroresu to Impact Wrestling. I hope this is true because I strongly believe that TNA should incorporate elements of strong style, as well as MMA, to their product. This would accomplish two things. It would essentially differentiate them from the WWE and it would hopefully attract the wrestling fans in the United States who enjoy the Japanese style, and whose access mainly consists of the occasional NJPW show at two in the morning. I think it's something TNA should absolutely consider because there is a growing interest for strong style in the United States, and bringing it to mainstream wrestling could potentially spark enthusiasm from a demographic that's largely given up on the TNA product.

- MVP has also teased a surprise for tomorrow night's show. Unless he's referring to his new wrestling style, I suspect it involves his feud with Kurt Angle. Could it be a new addition to the trio of MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King? Absolutely. But I'm not privy to any insider information so I'll leave it be for now.  But let me touch upon this issue of surprises and whether or not we should expect any on Impact tomorrow night. I wrote about this very subject last week in my POV and I explained why I felt it's not a good idea to overdo the surprises. However, this is TNA. Surprises and shocking moments are part of the fabric that is TNA. So I would be lying if I said that I don't expect any because I do. I have a feeling there will be one newsworthy surprise that genuinely shocks us, similar to the way Bobby Lashley's return did at Lockdown.  What that might be, I couldn't begin to guess but I'd put my money on a new talent coming in and it will be someone whose name has yet to emerge in speculation or rumors.

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