30 January 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Jan 30, 2015

- This week, I'd like to begin by giving TNA and its writing staff a much-deserved kudos for scripting a moment on last week's episode of Impact that, simply put, took my breath away. It was a moment so heartfelt, it touched me in a profound way. It was the moment Bobby Roode found the TNA world heavyweight championship belt that was left lying in the streets of New York City in the aftermath of a street fight. He so gently grabbed ahold of the belt and admired it as if it were the single most important thing in his life. But I'm not surprised. When Bobby Roode describes how much he loves the world championship, he does so with so much conviction. And he showed us how much when he held onto the belt as if he had just found an abandoned eight-week old puppy.  Unfortunately for Roode, this title belt had not been abandoned at all, something he quickly realized when he looked up to find its rightful owner looking right back at him. 

- I thought the way the writers set up the plot involving Bram and Magnus was quite clever last week. It all began when Magnus grabbed one of the Feast or Fired briefcases, the one that Bram had been pursuing, although I don't recall a moment in the match in which the two ever battled each other for it. This didn't, however, prevent Bram from confronting his friend backstage, unbeknownst to him that Magnus would, later in the night, open the briefcase containing the tag team title shot. One could assume, based on the way Bram treated him, that Magnus would look elsewhere for a tag team partner but the relationship between these two Brits has never been that simple. Theirs is a sibling rivalry sort of friendship and I imagine it will take much more than a few shoves to tear them apart. 

- There's been quite a bit of speculation on Velvet Sky's status with TNA, this week, so I thought I'd share with you my theory. I do not believe that Velvet Sky's firing is a work. It appears to me that she and TNA have been unable to come to an agreement on a new contract and TNA has simply written her out of the show while negotiations continue. This would also explain why Velvet Sky has attempted to rally her fans on Twitter. It's a negotiating tactic in order to gain leverage by rallying the base to put pressure on TNA and their networks in the US and the UK, and it's a tactic that her current boyfriend, Bully Ray, has used in the past without success. I don't think it will work for Velvet Sky either.

- It appears that Drew Galloway (formerly Drew McIntyre in WWE) made his TNA debut during last night's Impact tapings in Glasgow. Interestingly enough, I can share this with you because TNA decided to spoil his debut by announcing it moments after it happened. They did the same for Mickie James' return earlier in the night. It's a puzzling strategy but one I imagine TNA feel they need to have to combat the dirtsheets, which rely on spoilers to draw traffic. By beating the dirtsheets to the punch, TNA essentially attract the attention of wrestling fans and wisely direct them to their site. As for the additions of Galloway, I think it was a smart decision by TNA to bring him in. They've signed a young wrestler who's entering his prime wrestling years but more importantly, a talent who, through no fault of his own, never quite reached his potential in the WWE. This is very important simply because TNA can now nurture and develop him within their system, which is conducive to wrestlers, and like Ethan Carter III and Bram before him, he will hopefully be identified as a TNA talent when it's all said and done. A brilliant signing by TNA.

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