23 January 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Jan 23, 2015

- On this week's episode of Fans Talk TNA, the guys discussed the status of Eric Young as it relates to his relationship with the BDC so I thought I'd give my thoughts on this interesting alliance. As it stands now, it appears that Young is aligned with the BDC but not an official member.  MVP said as much in his opening promo last week.  He also posted a photo of the entire group on his Facebook page after the show and the caption read, "The BDC and Eric Young".  So it's clear that in MVP's mind, EY is simply an ally. But how does Eric Young feel? Although Young stated last week that he's aligned with the BDC, he came across as a hanger-on to me, a henchman if you will. Whether or not that was the writers' intention, I don't know, but Young seemed rather willing to go above and beyond for the BDC when he joined in on the beatdowns to Lashley and Kurt Angle. I say this because Eric Young's issues are solely with Bobby Roode. I suppose it'd make sense for Young to feel inclined to help take Lashley out due to their past history but what about in Angle's case?  I don't recall the two being at odds in recent history so this appears to be a case in which Young is a faithful follower. Conversely, the BDC had every opportunity to beat Roode down following his loss to EY in the same manner they did Kurt Angle, which followed his loss to Samoa Joe, but chose not to. So we've already witnessed one instance where the alliance isn't mutually beneficial.  I wonder, how far are the clan members willing to go to protect and defend Eric Young, knowing full well that he's an asset. Or will he have to fight his own battles? The question then becomes, what exactly is his deal with the BDC? I have a feeling that the relationship between Eric Young and the BDC isn't as clear-cut as we think and it'll be interesting to see how it evolves in the coming weeks and months.

- A fascinating little tidbit about last week's main event segment involving the BDC and Lashley: during their encounter, Lashley referred to MVP as Hassan, which for those who aren't aware is MVP's real first name. It's such a minor detail on the surface but within the context of the segment, it brought a realness to a tense moment, I felt, and it created the sort of intimacy between two wrestlers that we rarely see in pro wrestling these days. I hope this is part of the initiative to pull back the curtain that Dixie Carter mentioned because it highlights the nuances of the storytelling.

- Tonight, we finally get to witness the debut of Khoya, formerly known as Mahabali Shera, inside the TNA ring. The fact that Tigre Uno is his opponent leads me to believe that this will be a squash match so we know right there that TNA are showcasing him.  TNA very rarely books squash matches due to limited TV time so it would indicate that Khoya is getting the sort of treatment typically reserved for promising talents. This comes on the heels of last week's introduction by James Storm so it appears that TNA have quite a bit of confidence in him. I do hope however that their confidence in him is due to his talent and not the fact that he's from India, which incidentally is a market and fanbase TNA seems to covet at the moment.

- Austin Aries tweeted yesterday that he will be traveling to several cities in the next six weeks, and among them he named Orlando, coincidentally listed immediately following London. This tells me two things. Firstly, I have to assume it means that TNA will be taping in Orlando.  I imagine there could be another explanation but I don't think it's a coincidence that a rumor that TNA will return to the Impact Zone this year was reported a couple of weeks prior to Aries' tweet. I believe the two are connected. And secondly, the "next six weeks" part of Aries' tweet would indicate that the tapings in Orlando will take place by the end of February. Personally, I had hoped that TNA closed the door on that chapter of their history but it appears the Impact Zone is still a crutch for the company. I hope I'm wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time someone misinterpreted an Aries tweet, but I will make the best of it if indeed it is true. On a side note, I can't imagine anyone would be against TNA turning down the lights in the Impact Zone, would they?

- This is the third week in the Destination America era and I think TNA have done a very good job setting the tone for at least the first quarter in 2015. In previous years, this stretch of shows would typically serve as the set-up for the Lockdown PPV so it's interesting that TNA have opted to use this year's Lockdown as a precursor of the UK shows. It'll certainly be a nice change of pace since last year's UK shows were dominated by the build for Lockdown, which makes you wonder, will the six episodes of Impact taped in the UK this year lead into perhaps another PPV? I guess we'll know soon enough.

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