08 January 2015

There's a Storm a-Brewin'

Breaking the 4th Wall: ( and Spoiler if you have recorded Impact! for a later time ) This article was written prior to the airing of TNA Impact! Live. Unfortunately, the narrative will no longer coincide with the current story-line since Lashley is now Heavyweight champion. I could have simply substituted Lashley for Roode in the fiction; however, fluidity and credibility may have been lost in the process. I shall now duct tape the 4th wall and get to it! Enjoy, my friends!

     In his newly appointed interviewer role, Mike Tenay gets positioned for his next segment. Tenay adjusts his abnormally high, white, but neatly pressed collar in anticipation for his next guest. Sweat beads from his receding hairline, prompting a stagehand to swiftly run over to dab his slightly furrowed brow dry. Piercing eyes top his distasteful expression like a lopsided wedding cake as he catches a glimpse of his guest through peripheral vision.
     "Don't even open yer face, Tenay." exclaims a disembodied voice from outside of the camera shot. Straightaway, James Storm, Abyss, Manik, and The Great Sanada take up most of the televised angle. "Like I said before, a Revolution is upon us. I ain't got time for nonbelievers. I ain't got time for the weak. And I certainly ain't wastin' any time stoppin' The Revolution at these tag-team titles we got here."The camera slowly creeps in on Storms ice-cold glare. His sneer crinkles his face to a twisted and maniacal outline. Storm's heavily taped, cattle wrangling fingers grab the lens like a snake in his chicken coup - he pulls the camera in closer while gritting his bright teeth, "My daddy once said... A man's life ain't worth a damn less he leaves a legacy behind." Storm briefly looks down at his tag title and immediately shoves it into Manik's chest. "That ain't my legacy. A new year needs a new resolution. A new resolution is a Revolution. My legacy is that heavyweight belt you got there, Bobby." A pause freezes time, almost awkwardly while Storm pushes the spit sprayed lens out of his face. In anxiety, Tenay swallows loud enough for his mic to pick up the fear. Storm shoves Tenay off screen, but snares the microphone in the process. Looking dead into the eyes of a million viewers, he releases a gruff tone, "Now, Bobby... What is yers?" Abyss crosses his meaty arms, outlining his massive head and lets out a heavy breathed exhale. Walking away, James Storm whistles an outro eerie enough to rival Freddy Krueger's Nightmare chime.

     Many would consider James Storm's nemesis to ultimately be Bobby Roode; I am absolutely inclined to agree with the well-suited claim. Yet, Storm's one true adversary, his one greatly growing impetus, his proverbial thorn in the side, has been the quest for, and subsequent attainment, of the TNA Heavyweight Championship title. A wrestler's taste for the gold starts the moment he or she laces the leather. The ultimate accolade to illustrate a professional wrestler's resume, and to legitimize their career, is to be the champion; so to be peppered with appetizers of glory can drive an insane man, well, insane. From the early days of Planet Jarrett, when Storm was a mere servant in assisting Jeffrey thieve the title from Raven, to the current quest to avenge the dissolution of Beer Money due to Bobby Roode's backstabbing antics, Storm has been a ticking time-bomb and his hunger for power is exponentially growing.  In his early days with TNA, the NWA Heavyweight title was a farfetched opportunity for the two-time beer drinking champion, but the past several years have surfaced much opportunity; unfortunately, his opportunities have been twisted more than the bottle caps of his favorite domestic brew. No stranger to the gold, the thirteen time world tag-team champion is accustomed to wearing thirty pounds of trophy around his waist; however, to share that glory with another is an entirely different story. When did the formation of the Redneck Revolution begin? Long before the kidnapping of Sanada.

     The year was 2011; the venue, Bound for Glory. Being one of the remaining four participants, James Storm smelled the gold, he was close to capturing glory, and determined to represent Beer Money in the process. After his elimination, the disappointment was bandaged with excitement as Storm watched his tag-team partner, his boy, the money of the group, get his chance to face Angle for the strap. While he expressed empathy when Roode dropped the ball against Angle, his motivation level also increased after he was awarded the opportunity to pick up Roode's ball the following week on Impact!. What a glorious victory for James Storm, the new TNA Heavyweight Champion. Kurt Angle never saw the Last Call coming, but Storm had no idea that this moment would have a Last Call as well. With the bottle heard round' the world, Bobby Roode initialized the Revolution whether he realizes it, or not. Beer Money dispersed; the beer went flat, but the money of the team continued to collect dividends on Storm.

     Once 2012 threw itself onto our calendars, we pictured this to be the year of James Storm. At Genesis, he defeated Angle, once again, to become the number one contender and face Roode for the title. As if to throw boulders into the early rotation of this evolving Storm, TNA reneged the opportunity and placed him in yet another number one contender match against Jeff Hardy. After the no-contest between the two, one would logically calculate Storm to receive the title shot by default; especially, since he was the individual to earn the right in the first place. TNA's remedy was to have a four-way dance for the position of number one contender only to contribute to the percolation of Storm's mindset; filling it with frustration, angst, and potentially doubt. Albeit a much tougher road to a title shot, James Storm became the number one contender for a third time in the course of a televised month. Calculating this to be the moment that he pulls the knife from out his back and pierces it through the pompous heart of his former friend, Storm was counting on receiving his retribution, his revenge, and a fair start to a title run. The curveballs thrown at him over the past year turned into cheese right down the middle; a legitimate fight between Roode and Storm in a steel-cage, devoid of interference. But soon, Lockdown could have perceivable been dubbed Letdown when Storm's overgenerous superkick rivaled the bottle that once crowned him the loser. Yes, he was yet again placed in another number one contender match with Styles and Roode, but he was unsuccessful in capitalizing on it.

     Under great frustration, Storm took a hiatus from singles competition to try and rekindle his love for the tag-team division. Gunner was a true partner that had sincere intentions to capture the tag gold with Storm - and that they did. Their reign was strong, but their loss of the tag-team titles may have been what started to put Storm over the edge. Not because he was no longer one-half of the TNA tag-team champions, but because Gunner literally robbed him of another chance to win the TNA Heavyweight title. Gunner was the bird the landed on the hood of Storm's teetering pickup truck to thrust it over the edge. Roode started it, but Gunner finished it. Whether it was America' s Most Wanted, Beer Money Inc., or The Cowboy Vikings, Storm was merely looking for a fair partnership from the time he shook Jeff Jarrett's hand; now Storm is looking out for himself. Gruff, maniacal, and pissed off, James Storm no longer confides in a fair partnership. As the past paints it, equal partnership usually ends up with the other man having the advantage. If he cannot be alone to reflect, inflict, and fight at the top, then he will be a leader to inflict, overthrow, and fight at the top. A leader to revolutionize the perception of those who witnessed the fate of James Storm. A leader to sacrifice those responsible for casting James Storm into this conflict. Ultimately, a leader to design a faction that will facilitate his opportunity, and ultimate obtainment of the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Storm is a storm within himself. While the TNA community was once safe in the calm weather found towards the eye of the storm, we now have to prepare for the aftermath that follows.

     After a riveting, in-ring promo from Bobby Roode, the members of Revolution ambush him and leave his body a wreck in the middle of the six-sided ring. Grabbing Roode's title, Storm struts over to grab the mic off of the bloody canvas. "It's a new year and a great one fer a Revolution. Should old acquaintance be forgot my redneck ass." Storm kicks the limp leg of a suffering Bobby Roode. "Sorry bout' yer..." Dropping the mic onto Roode's chest he finishes,  "...not sorry." 

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