02 January 2015

New Year, No Fear

We are all more than ready for some new TNA TV content, and now we're just mere days away from the much anticipated Destination America IMPACT debut!  The real TNA fans deserve some major kudos for showing such patience during the last several weeks.  And now the fun begins!  Now we can just sit back and watch the whole thing unfold before our eyes.  Some of you will be there in person at The Manhattan Center, while most of us will watch the first IMPACT on Destination America from the comfort of our homes while we enjoy a favorite beverage or 2.  Wrestling shows that have this much build-up and anticipation are somewhat difficult to get a feel for, as far as what potentially could happen.  For the most part, TNA is keeping their cards close to the vest and that is drawing out some wild speculation from the IWC.  I definitely agree with Chris that TNA has wised up since the January 4th, 2010 spectacle and hopefully they will not repeat similar mistakes.  Past that, it's anyone's guess as to the direction and approach that the company will take on this debut episode and subsequent IMPACTs in the near future emanating from New York City and the United Kingdom.  The thrill and intrigue of the unknown is somewhat underrated, so enjoy it while it lasts because soon there will be spoilers posted at every turn on social media and every pro-wrestling site out there except for TNAMecca. 

Now, that's not to say that some rogue troll won't try to post them here as that has happened before.  We will do everything we can to prevent that from occurring and will take them down as soon as possible if some random spoilers do sneak past us temporarily.  Just be aware that we can't instantly delete every violation of our spoiler policy, but overall those types of things have settled down in recent months anyway.  Not to disparage other TNA sites but we have proven, here at TNAMecca, that we are the best place to be to discuss the TNA product.  The large number of comments and the on-going conversational threads have become common place and serve as evidence.  Most of you know my history of where I got my start as a TNA fan columnist.  I can honestly tell you that our community here at TNAMecca is the best domain for TNA fan conversation that you will find anywhere on the net.  We are so glad that you've made our little site (which has grown into a medium sized site actually) a go-to destination and part of your daily routine.  We will always work hard to provide you with quality opinion pieces and original content.  We will also continue to foster a safe environment where you don't have to worry about being trolled and/or harassed for being a TNA fan. That's the way it should be and that's the way it will be.

Despite the endless criticism from the arm-chair bookers and pro-wrestling experts out there, TNA will also continue to do their own thing, in their own way moving forward.  This time they will make more intelligent and savvy decisions than they have in the past.  I am confident that TNA Management realizes the massive potential involved in this reboot for 2015.  The huge increase in weekly U.S. and world-wide programming, the ramped up promotion and advertising campaign for IMPACT and the roster full of great, young talents are all unprecedented assets for the company right now.  You, as fans, have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to some of the wrestlers and upper management right here at TNAMecca.  It has been proven that key members of the company with clout visit here often.  Bob Ryder specifically has told you so on his own Twitter account without us prompting him to do so.  We have worked hard to impress the right people and they have taken notice.  We have a thumbs up from TNA itself and that kind of approval is priceless.  We do not take lightly the facts that TNA staff & performers follow us on Twitter and visit here often. 

That being said, we intend on carrying on as usual and fostering the community that we have all created.  It feels like we have really turned a corner as a website.  This approaching 2015 run for TNA, with TNAMecca alongside as the premier fan site, is going to be epic.  Now, please don't lose control of yourselves and start the, "Bob, what about this?" questions and/or the "if a certain TNA wrestler is reading this..." kind of stuff.  Just be cool and enjoy the ride.  Yes, they are paying attention to your comments and feedback but we'd like to maintain that respect that we have all earned from TNA.  This is a unique opportunity that we have been given that serves as a reward for your loyalty and dedication as fans.  Nothing has really changed other than the direct public confirmation from TNA that they have represented a solid portion of our 1 million plus views in the last 16 plus months. 
There should be absolutely no fear going into 2015 for IMPACT Wrestling.  They have a freshly inked, stabilizing contract with a TV channel and umbrella network of stations at Discovery Communications that is better than anything they have ever experienced before.  The ceiling right now for the company is unknown and that is so exhilarating! Don't let the fact that Destination America is a smaller network fool you.  The haters want you to think that TNA has pigeon-holed itself.  That is SOOO not the case.  The growth potential is all relative to this new situation at hand.  This expansion on a worldwide level for TNA programming is groundbreaking.  Destination America and TNA are taking each other by the hand and bungee jumping into 2015! Weeeeee!!!  New year, no fear.  The absolutely electric Destination IMPACT debut is coming on Wednesday.  What say ye? 

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