27 January 2015

Having Only One Working Arm Can't Stop EC3 From Stealing The Show

Disclaimer: Since I began writing for TNAMecca, I changed up my writing style a bit as I went from talking about multiple topics per column to having one clear cut topic that I focused on because the multiple topic column was Chris Regal's TNAMecca column. However due to a 3 week hiatus from writing due to fatigue from work, Impact tapings and some laziness thrown in there I have a few things I want to talk about TNA related so this column will be focusing on a few things. The column's title gives away one thing I will be talking about, I will also be talking about the Beat Down Clan, The results of Feast or Fired and TNA on Destination America.

How The Fuck Did WWE Let EC3 Go?

      Excuse the vulgar title for this segment of the column but I just had to say it. Some might want to laugh and scoff at the fact that TNA's most promising talent and arguably the future face of the company is a guy who couldn't get out of WWE Development but considering the fact that A) WWE Management seems clueless on how to run a wrestling company these days or book a Royal Rumble match and B) Stone Cold Steve Austin aka a WCW Reject saved the WWE from going out of business and is the biggest star the WWE ever had (Yeah bigger then Rock and Hogan, There I said it) so TNA utilizing a guy to his potential is more on WWE's patheticness at the moment then it is about TNA. This guy has everything you want in a wrestler and he can still be an asset when he isn't even wrestling. Remember when people were worried about EC3 not even showing up in NYC for the re-launch of TNA, yeah those were some crazy folks.

      Since he is injured and can't actually wrestle, TNA put EC3 in a feud with one of the most liked people in TNA history Jeremy Borash and these two guys along with Spud, Tyrus and Mark Andrews has made it work. But it only works because of what EC3 is doing. The guy oozes douchebaginess to the endth degree which is what you want in a heel nowadays and he is just so good at it. The haircut, the suits, the crazy voices he does when mocking folks, the stealing of other people's monikers after he beats them, his wit on the mic and I could go on about his greatness. If I wasn't such a huge smark who enjoys cheering the bad guys, I might actually dislike this man. But alas I can't which is why in NYC, I proudly took part in starting the "Yes he can" chants when the crowd started chanting "You Can't Wrestle" towards this man, this icon (He did beat Sting ya know). Not only is he doing great as a heel, he is helping Tyrus establish himself as a good bodyguard heel character as well as establish Spud and newcomer Marker Andrews as the lovable underdogs. At a time when WWE is force feeding lines to the guy they view as their next top star from a Looney Tunes cartoon, EC3 is coming across like a real person who likes to bully people smaller than him which fits exactly what TNA and Michael Hutter (Ooohhh Yeah, I am using his real name like a badass) want the Ethan Carter on-air personality to be. Imagine where he will be when he has two working limbs again.

Oh No A Heel Stable, Not Again TNA. Do Something Original Like Having Straight Singles Matches or Something!!!!!

        Nothing in professional wrestling is original anymore, same principle applies to pretty much everything else in this world. The way to differentiate from what was done in the past and what is done in the present is how you take a concept and tweak it to your advantage. MVP, King and Lashley worked as a stable because it was a stable based on kicking ass featuring three guys who all happened to be black. Now we got the Beat Down Clan which is MVP, Kenny King, Low Ki, Joe and Eric Young who might just be the best faction TNA has ever had from an in-ring skill perspective. Last year before the TV deal induced hiatus, MVP started talking like Heath Ledger's Joker stating he wants to see TNA burn to the ground because he dislikes this place. He isn't a power hungry tycoon, he is just a pissed off guy who along with his buddies King, Low Ki and Joe (The latter two being legit best friends of MVP in real life and I am sure him and King are probably good buddies too in real life) wants to leave TNA in a crumpled heap. Eric Young is just there because EY wants some back up in his feud with Bobby Roode and isn't actually apart of the Beat Down Clan at this time. He is just an ally in the sense that the enemy of my enemy is my friend at this time (Subtly Logical amirite?).

        So now you have Low Ki, Joe, MVP, King and EY feuding with Angle, Lashley and Roode. There are worse things then having 7 really good in ring performers and a decent performer in Joe feuding with one another. Not to mention the babyface side needs another ally or two and TNA has a few guys that could fit the bill who are also really good in ring performers. Stable wars are only as good as the people involved and right now TNA has a lot of strong wrestlers involved in their stable war at the moment. This is quite the step up from the jobberific Aces and Eights vs. TNA babyfaces stable war where almost all the members outside of three guys sucked in the ring. Using storylines that we have seen in the past is expected, the way to make it better is having the right wrestlers in those roles and right now TNA has a lot of talent involved in this feud.

The Royal Rumble Match Booking Sucked But TNA Booked Feast or Fired Perfectly

      Yeah it's a gratuitous shot at the WWE but one that fits perfectly. TNA had Robbie E/Velvet Sky, Brutus (Yeah I am bringing back his first name, sue me. The man is a father, he deserves a first name) Magnus, Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries win Feast or Fired briefcases. If TNA waited a week, we could've seen a bunch of guesses er backstage newz updates on who got what briefcase (The only briefcase I knew about at the tapings was Aries as the World Title briefcase) which would've been fun to read but they did everything Feast or Fired related in one night. If you booked a best case scenario on the internet, you would've arrived at the same choices TNA made. Aries is back in the world title picture, Magnus and Bram can finally go after the tag titles (The English Hooligans vs The Hardys/The Revolution would be a fun feud) and Spud gets to face Low Ki in an epic clash of comedy vs. stiff ass wrestling. (Side note: Spud put on quite a show in some of the matches taped in NYC with his in ring prowess.) Meanwhile Robbie E cut a hell of a promo that led to Velvet getting fired and Robbie becoming a top heel in TNA for getting the pigeons fired. (Him misspelling the word "fired" was epic) Very rarely do best case scenarios play out on TV but TNA pulled one out of their ass last week on Impact with the Feast or Fired briefcase reveals.

TNA Is Getting Strong Numbers On Destination America Square Away Like We Said It Would

      Months ago in one of the many TNAMecca discussion threads, we all talked about how cable channels would love to get a show that has a track record of a million viewers plus a week 52 weeks a year for 9 years. Naysayers like to claim a million viewers is terrible but given the viewership for wrestling shows not named WWE it's really good. We still have imaginations in lieu of documented ROH viewership numbers (same goes for the awe-inspiring and utterly phenomenal all the time NJPW on AXS shows), LU gets like 50K viewers max on El Ray, PWS had a documented viewership of around 150K for its first show and that's about it. I mean 1,000,000 viewers to 50,000 viewers is completely one-sided. Destination America saw this as a chance to get a show that can provide stability as they attempt to grow their viewership outreach while TNA saw it as a chance to get in bed with the Discovery Communications family of networks at a lower level floor with easily surpassable expectations. In just 3 weeks: TNA is about to surpass every other program Destination America has as the highest viewed program in network history. To quote one of the many naysayers TNA has: TNAMecca "Called It" in regards to TNA being a boom to a smaller network trying to grow immediately upon arrival.

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