29 January 2015

Returns & Debuts at Glasgow Tapings! reported that former Knockouts Champion Mickie James returned at tonight's Impact Wrestling taping in Glasgow. Rumours and theories have been flying around the last few weeks that Mickie could be returning, and in this case TNA must have made the call to announce it themselves instead of it being spoiled by sites before her return airs. I think this is great news as James was doing some of her best work before her abrupt departure in the Summer of 2013. With the additions of Awesome Kong & now Mickie James, the Knockouts division just got very interesting indeed.

Dixie Carter tweeted that Drew Galloway, formally known as Drew McIntyre in the WWE, debuted at tonight's Impact Taping in Glasgow. Since being released last Summer, Galloway has been re-establishing himself on the indies across the globe, earning the right to be known as one of the hottest free agents on the market. Drew is an all around great talent so this is a fantastic signing on TNA's behalf and in what better place for him to debut than his homeland of Scotland.

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