09 December 2014

TNA Tuesday Randomania - Dec 9, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin by congratulating Mark Andrews for winning Season 2 of British Bootcamp, thus earning a TNA contract.  I feel that Dixie Carter made the right decision by declaring Andrews the winner.  I will admit, going into Season 2, I had never heard of Mark Andrews. My first impression of him wasn't the greatest when I finally sought him out but by the end of last weekend's finale, he had grown on me.  Obviously, Andrews skills in the ring speak for themselves but it's his personality that draws you in. Some might argue that likability shouldn't be a factor when picking a winner of a competition like Bootcamp but I feel otherwise.  Part of what makes a wrestler successful is their ability to connect with the fans, and more importantly, the live crowds. If you watch the way Andrews works the crowd, even one that's unfamiliar with him, it's his likability that seems to draw fans in. And he does it in a way that it feels genuine.  I ask you, how many newcomers, making their debut in front of a live crowd, have been successful in getting the crowd to chant TNA? Mark Andrews did that in his match against DJ Z.  Yes, it's his in-ring talent that makes fans take notice but it's his personality that makes them cheer for him. And that's why I feel that Andrews has a bright future in TNA. He's got all the tools to become a star in a division that creates them. In the X Division, Andrews will dazzle fans with his moves but it's that smile that will capture their hearts.

- A couple of weeks ago, TNA officially announced the Impact tapings at the Manhattan Center in January, giving us a good month to hear more news especially regarding the talents' status with the company. Recently, we heard that Kurt Angle has re-signed with TNA, a one-year deal reportedly, although it was evident that the two sides had come to an agreement since he was on the promotion for, both, the new TV deal announcement and the NYC tapings. We also know that Austin Aries, as per a recent tweet of his, that he will be working the NYC tapings in January, hopefully putting to rest the perpetual rumors that he's leaving the company. I feel like we spent the entire year having to deal with fools on the internet constantly whining about Aries' supposed contract expiring based on kayfabe storylines.  It gives a new meaning to the smarks, doesn't it? And finally, there was apparently a mysterious e-mail sent from an unknown source to an unknown site that Brittany is no longer with TNA. It seems that most wrestling sites felt it was enough to report it as news but we refrained simply because we do our own due diligence as a site and we haven't seen enough to report it. If and when we get some sort of confirmation, we will be sure to post it.

- If you missed Dixie Carter's recent interview with Jeremy Borash, I suggest you give it a listen because she talks quite a bit about the deal with Discovery.  She obviously couldn't be too specific but I think she did a wonderful explaining how good of a deal it is, which is something the dirtsheets will neglect to report. They will of course spew out the same talking points that they have since the deal was announced: they're getting less money, they have to cut costs, etc. This is lazy journalism and based on perception as opposed to reality. But we've already established that the dirtsheets aren't interested in reporting the facts but rather cater to their readers' thirst for negative TNA news.  Folks, there's absolutely nothing negative about TNA's deal with Discovery. Yes, they'll be airing on Destination America, which is available to less homes than SpikeTV but the beauty of this deal is in the details that are still to be announced.  As Dixie Carter said, this is not a deal for TNA's two-hour weekly program.  It's much bigger than that and it involves, from what we understand, additional programming and availability in more international markets. Only someone who's not looking out for TNA's best interests can look at this evidence and spin it as a bad thing. This sounds like a fantastic deal with Discovery and one that gives the company every opportunity to grow, something Spike wasn't willing to do.

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