30 December 2014

Life and Circumstances has Saved TNA from Certain Death

Disclaimer: I know I know that in this great and exciting while also infuriating time to be a TNA fan as we anxiously await for TNA to re-launch their company on Destination America we don't want to hear about TNA's potential death but me as a rebel will be going there in this write-up. But don't worry as I sure as hell ain't (See I am using made up words here to further my rebellion) going to complete this write-up without exalting praise on TNA Impact Wrestling.

Life Continuing Saved TNA From Itself

     We all know about TNA's checkered past when it comes to making poor decisions. One of the biggest blunders in my opinion TNA continuously made was their perpetual chase for wrestlers with "Star Power" (And I don't mean former midcarders in WWE that are termed as "WWE Rejects"). It's gotten to the point where you can name just about every big name wrestler that you could think of that still worked in wrestling during the life of TNA has had a stint in TNA outside of the WWE Lifers that were never available to TNA. DDP, Savage, Hogan, Flair, RVD, Angle, The Hardys, Booker T, Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Jerry Lynn, Scott Steiner, Mick Foley, Sting, Christian Cage, The Dudley Boyos (Remember I can't say their real name or I would get sued so I use this name a la the use of the phrase "The Shinning" on The Simpsons), Dustin Rhodes as Black Reign, Rick Steiner and I could keep going with these big names. All these names cost TNA big money and the returns on the investments just kept on diminishing and diminishing. Jeff Jarrett and friends were running TNA with an open checkbook and Dixie Carter just kept on giving him the okay. Meanwhile the TNA Originals were starting to age and getting more expensive and the balloon that was TNA was getting to the point of explosion. TNA was basically the wrestling version of the Philadelphia Phillies (Sorry Chris Regal): Old, Expensive and frankly just not very good (For me TNA 2013 was WWF 1995 bad or should I say these days WWE 2014 bad which suffice to say means extraordinarily bad).

      As good fortune would have it though, that TNA balloon never exploded but rather just endured until circumstance saved TNA from itself and relieved the pressure on that balloon in spite of TNA. The old men wasting TNA's money for no good reason left TNA because they missed the WWE and its free money for very little work. Ric Flair quit on TNA as did Foley (Ironic considering both guys don't really like one another treated TNA the exact same way), Nash and Booker T signed with WWE to save TNA from a gigantic mistake of bringing them back in 2011, RVD went back to WWE on a sweet part time deal, Jerry Lynn retired, Hogan quit or TNA told him to fuck off (It's Hogan telling stories so who knows), Sting finally took WWE's money to save TNA from wasting more money on his finished body and some of the Originals who started making a lot of money due to tenure parted ways from TNA. The names attached to the previous run on sentence cost TNA a lot of capital for very little reward by the time 2012/2013 rolled around. The only "Names with Star Power" left in TNA are Kurt Angle, The Hardy Boys, MVP and Ken Anderson (if you want to count him as a name). Everybody else in TNA are making their mark in wrestling because of what they are doing in TNA. Thankfully as we roll into 2015, there are no big names out there for TNA to waste money on hoping for a quick surge in ratings so no one has to save TNA from itself here (El Patron is not a name worth the big bucks and neither Lesnar or CM Punk are signing with TNA so there is no one out there TNA can buy in my opinion) as circumstances took care of that for Dixie and Co.

      With no big names out there to get and with the stability of a new network being 1000% behind TNA it would seem, TNA can sign talent they can develop and call their own for years to come which TNA began doing in 2013. In late 2013 and 2014, TNA has signed and developed stars like Rockstar Spud, EC3, Bram, The Wolves, Havok and Samuel Shaw. It is a hell of a start and one that TNA should be able to continue doing in 2015 starting with the British Boot Camp 2 Winner Mark Andrews and beyond.

A Little Bit of Luck Also Helps

      Now if you are of the belief that you make your own luck then that is fine with me as TNA has had some good fortune that has helped save them from themselves these past few months. First off Russo outing himself as a part of TNA in 2014 might've been the best thing that ever happened to TNA if you are of the belief that employing Russo is bad for business. Every person in this world has a blind spot for someone where they always use that person or go to that person even if common sense tells you otherwise. I say this as I am watching NY Rangers coach Alain Vignault sit talented hockey players like Anthony Duclair or Lee Stempniak in favor of Tanner Glass who is the worst hockey player in the league. He is a great coach but he just has an inexplicable blind spot for that awful hockey player. Dixie had that with Russo but Russo's majestic fuck up last Summer and his new job with some British fed will save TNA and Dixie from ever hiring that man again.

       The Vince McMahon podcast heard round the world might be the best thing that ever happened to TNA if some of the talent that WWE refuses to push because Vince McMahon is senile comes to TNA motivated as fuck to show Vince how dumb he is. ECW made a franchise out of using guys who wanted to do anything possible to prove to WCW and WWF (Moreso WCW) that they were morons for not using them how they thought they should be treated and the WWF saved their entire company off the backs of guys who wanted to stick it to WCW for mistreating them. Now is TNA going to sign every talented wrestler WWE doesn't use well for whatever reason? Of course not, but that doesn't mean TNA can't sign a couple of guys from NXT or WWE Superstars and turn them into TNA stars like they have done with Bram or Ethan Carter the Third in 2014. Never underestimate a talented professional wrestler who has a huge chip on their shoulder and is willing to do just about anything to prove their former employer wrong. I personally think it was awesome of Vince McMahon to give TNA this potential gift when he did that interview with Steve Austin.

       Most professional wrestling companies never get a second network to sign them to air their shows. WCW never got that chance, ECW never got that opportunity and many other wrestling feds are lucky if they can get even one network to agree to air their show, TNA is now on their second network paying them for their content. The luck factor comes into play as TNA is getting this fresh start just as they are figuring out that they need to build their program around guys who want to be here and not build around guys in it for a paycheck. TNA is now acting fiscally responsible and TNA has embraced the fact that they will not be on the WWE's level any time soon and that is okay.

       When January 7th rolls around, TNA will be as alive as it's been in a number of years now. TNA is a little older, a lot wiser and just ready to do things the right way. And the right way begins with Roode vs. Lashley III on Live TV in front of a rabid NYC audience that loves themselves some TNA on TNA's new home.

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