08 December 2014

Is 2015 The Year of James Storm?

Disclaimer: 2014 was a great year for a myriad of wrestlers that are determined to "lack star power". Guys and gals like Ethan Carter the Third, Rockstar Spud, The Wolves, Bram, Havok, Taryn Terrell etc. took the ball in 2014 and made the most out of their TV time to establish themselves as legitimate contenders to be the top stars of TNA until TNA goes out of business according to the experts in 2015 and then again in 2016 and 2017 and every year of their existence until TNA actually does go out of business. Ironically despite all of these new talents gunning (Hey I forgot to name Gunner above, how about that?) for such few top spots in TNA, the guy who has been there since day 1 is the one who looks primed to have a huge 2015.

James Storm and the Pursuit of The World Title

      The stars seem to be aligning for little ole James Storm. Despite a very light year in the ring in 2014 for whatever reason, Storm took the extra time he had to re-tool his entire look, persona and image. This new persona includes being a cult leader of some sort from the south who spent the second half of 2014 brainwashing some of the best and brightest young talent in TNA (and Abyss) to follow in his ways. James Storm reeled in Sanada (now The Great Sanada) and Manik to join his cause and that threesome started causing havoc up and down the roster. At the very end of TNA programming for 2014, James Storm remembered he had a valuable briefcase that held a tag team title shot and cashed it in along with his fellow TNA Original Abyss to become the TNA Tag Team Champions unseating the best tag team in wrestling today The Wolves. (There appears to be a chance that Storm, Abyss, Manik and The Great Sanada defend the tag belts together Freebird style or according to those folks in the WWE Universe, The Spirit Squad style)

     Now how does one consider closing out the year winning the tag belts as proof that the stars are aligning for James Storm to get his hands on the TNA World Title. The reason the stars are aligning is that the guy who has been attached to Storm at the hip for 7 years now Bobby Roode is your TNA World Champion and a feud between the two writes itself. These two had the feud of the year in 2012 and despite that feud happening just 3 years ago, the roles are now completely reversed and both men are entirely different people now. Bobby Roode is the stand alone babyface and Storm is the bad guy with the an army of men that follow his command. Unless Bobby Lashley unseats Roode as champion when the two meet for the world title for the third and final time, Storm should be next in line to face Roode for the title after Roode finishes up with Lashley.

     Fellow top heel Ethan Carter the Third is out with an injury. Fellow top heel MVP is locked in a feud with Kurt Angle and he already has had his feud with Roode. Bram is six months away from World Title contention at least. Magnus needs a fair amount of rehabilitation before he feuds with Roode (though Magnus could make for a nice TV feud with Roode after Roode vs. Lashley III and before Storm vs. Roode at Lockdown) As it stands right now; Storm vs. Roode is the only World Title match worthy of main eventing Lockdown and perhaps with Bruce Pritchard gone from TNA, James Storm might get the world title run this incarnation of James Storm so richly deserves. Who would have thought that in the midst of so many new talents making a huge impact in TNA that TNA's oldest talent (in terms of TNA service time) is the one in the best position to become the top guy in the company in 2015?

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