05 December 2014


If you watched the latest #ImWithSpud Wednesday video, it's apparent that all the employees involved are excited.  You can see the happiness and fire in their eyes and hear the jubilation in their voices.  This roster is ready to get back to business.  Josh Mathews keeps popping up here and there just to keep reminding the audience that his time on camera is coming soon.  I love these little peeks that we're getting from TNA in regards to the current state of the company.  The recent interviews with Dixie Carter have bolstered the fan base and we are finally able to breath a little easier as the worrying continues to subside.  The teases of new talent debuts, additional programming, and other multiple aspects that are involved with a "fresh start" and the impending's all wonderful.  I am 100% confident in TNA's future right now...and why wouldn't I be?  If you've really paid attention to what has happened in the last couple of weeks, there should be no doubt that this promotion is stable again and here to stay.  If I think about it hard enough and long enough, I start to get butterflies in my stomach about it all.

Think about it.  They finally left Spike TV.  Just mentioning Spike TV elicits a divisive response from fans.  Very few hardcore TNA fans were in favor of TNA remaining on that network any longer.  Like a loyal and hard-working employee who feels plateaued at a job that they've worked so hard at for the last decade, TNA just wasn't going anywhere with that arrangement.  It had run its course and Spike was unwilling to budge when it comes to expanding TNA's brand past ONLY having a 2 hour show each week.  Well my friends, by moving over to Destination America (and Discovery Communications) they have essentially thrown their old crutch away and are now preparing to sprint down the road of success.  I don't think we can even start to predict where this new venture will take them.  I do know that the things that Dixie Carter is saying right now makes me giddy with anticipation.  I am so proud to be a fan right now and I know a lot of you are as well.  We waited out all the bullshit rumors and slander from those slimy paparazzi, rumor-mongering bastards in IWC-land.  To them, I say "Fuck You!" with a big smile on my face.  How do you like me now?

So why does the title of this POV happen to be the go-to word of the BroMans?  Watch that #ImWithSpud video again.  The ring tone for Jeremy Borash and Robbie E's smart phones during that video is the BroMans' theme song.  It seems like they may be ribbing someone with that honestly.  So instead of continuing to throw more profanity out there at the haters and anti-TNA crowd, I will substitute the word BOOM in for those swear words instead.  After all, I only allow myself one "F word" per column on a rare occasion.  But right now, I feel like rubbing it in the face of all those jerks on Twitter and all those assholes on other sites that doubted TNA and Dixie Carter.  You didn't get what you wanted.  BOOM!!! TNA is not dying.  In fact, they are going to be so much better off in the long-term picture of things, so much so that it may just drive you nuts.  You can't even touch us right now.  You're like a little fly on my shoulder that I just brushed off.  This will be the only piece I write that contains this kind of tone but that is what was on my mind and that's my POV.  Deal with it.  BOOM!!!  BOOM!!!  BROOOOOO!!!

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