18 December 2014

Are We There Yet?

Most of us have probably been on that typical family road trip.  Be it by plane, train or automobile.  The dialogue probably went something like this: 

"Are we there yet?" 


"How about now?  Are we there yet?"


"How much longer do we have?  Are we almost there?"

"NOOO! Damnit!!!"

Does that sound familiar?  I thought it might.  I figured that this gap in new-content IMPACT shows would be challenging for TNA fans, but now that we are in the thick of it, it seems very much like a long, long road trip on the way to your favorite theme park.  You know the payoff is coming and that it will be glorious but your patience is being tested.  Yes, we have gotten some great announcements and it feels like the momentum is building nicely towards January 7th.  So what are you doing to fill in the void and waste time until our beloved IMPACT debuts on Destination America?

Of course we've had the three quality installments of the "Best Of" shows for the last 3 weeks.  While they've served as a nice review of TNA's Spike TV years, I hate to say that I've had to swallow my pride a bit.  I gave ROH fans tons of grief about airing highlight shows earlier this year claiming that it made them appear to be a low-budget outfit because of no new content being shown.  Well, now TNA has found itself in a similar situation and I feel a little more sympathy for ROH and its financial instability issues.  The big difference between ROH's general situation and TNA's current situation is that TNA actually has a network lined up that will support the bejesus out of them.  You can upgrade your cable or satellite package and still see IMPACT when it debuts next month.  ROH doesn't have that luxury and instead simply has no presence in major markets in the United States.  Also, their poor production value and constant catering to a niche audience will continue to mire them in low-tier hell.  I honestly think my ROH Commentaries are buried in a deep grave because I have no desire to watch the product.

Back on the TNA farm, important decisions are being made right now that will shape the company for 2015 and the foreseeable future.  When Bob Ryder makes a tweet out of the blue like:

And the official TNA site tweets this randomly late on a Saturday night:

It makes you wonder what exactly is happening behind the scenes.  Obviously there are some exciting things that we haven't been let in on yet.  Can you imagine being a fly in the room where final plans are being formed by upper management?  What free agents are coming in?  What surprises do they have in store for these NYC shows?  I am absolutely sure that they will make those tapings at The Manhattan Center January 7th-9th very, very special.  I need one of those remote controls that Zack Morris had on Saved By The Bell so we can fast forward to January 7th.  I guess I'll settle for waiting it out... but man I feel like asking if we're there yet.  Sheez...

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