07 November 2014

TNAMecca Presents...the Best of TNA 2014: The Categories

Welcome to the first annual Best of TNA event, presented by TNAMecca, in which our members and readers will be given the opportunity to decide which wrestlers or individuals within TNA should be presented with our year-end awards.  It's been a very interesting year in TNA so we expect that the process of nominating and voting for this year's winners will be just as interesting.  However, before we can proceed we'd like to give you all the opportunity to come up with the categories for our inaugural Best of TNA awards, and we encourage you to get as creative as possible.  Although we will include the traditional categories such as MVP of the Year or Wrestler of the Year, we'd like to go one step further and add unique ones, categories that will provoke discussion and good debate.  So please feel free to share with us your categories in the comments section below, and again, get those creative juices flowing. We will collect the best ones for our Best of TNA nomination survey to follow in the coming days.

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