04 November 2014

TNA Tuesday Randomania - Nov 4, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin by congratulating Bobby Roode for becoming the new TNA world heavyweight champion after a well-deserved last week over Lashley.  Unlike a certain radio podcast, we, here at TNAMecca, feel that Bobby Roode deserves major kudos for his accomplishment last week. With his victory, Roode has officially become the face of TNA and more importantly, the face of the new era at the new network (or the old one - more on this later).  I said last week that Roode was perfectly suited for this role because he would essentially be the man who represents them as a promotion.  He's someone who appeals to a wider spectrum of fans...casual or diehard, pro wrestling or sports entertainment, and old school or new school. Roode also represents everything that's right about pro wrestling and his passion for the sport is simply infectious.  His story is not unlike anyone else's in the TNA locker room but his ability to embody all that we love about wrestling and take us back to a time when wrestlers lived and breathed the business separates him from the rest. Bobby Roode is a throwback. He's one of the last remnants of old school wrestling in an industry that's constantly looking to evolve, making him as unique as any new trend.

- I think we've all come to accept the fact that signs point to TNA moving to a new network in January but a report this week by PWInsider has made us take a step back and perhaps consider the possibility that TNA re-signs with SpikeTV.  Putting aside everything you've read from the dirtsheets since August, TNA and SpikeTV have maintained all along that they are still in ongoing negotiations so there's really no reason to not believe them.  I personally believe that it's partially true since there's a strong possibility that TNA are or were negotiating with Viacom, SpikeTV's parent company, perhaps leading to an agreement to air Impact on one of their other networks.  But again, it's all speculation but I will say this...if TNA re-signed with SpikeTV, I don't believe it for a second that they did so by agreeing to less money.  I don't believe at all that SpikeTV want no part of TNA or wrestling going forward and that the sticking point in their negotiations has always been the rights fee for Impact.  With all that said, my gut tells me that Impact will be airing on a new network come January but I still maintain that if they do continue with SpikeTV, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

- On Impact this week, the Hardys will face the team of Samoa Joe and Low Ki with the winner earning the chance to challenge the Wolves for the tag team championships. Putting aside my personal feelings, I suspect that the Hardys will win, setting up another encounter with the Wolves. And quite frankly, I'm fine with that. Technically, there's only been one encounter between the two teams that didn't involve a third so this is hardly a played out scenario.  However, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards seem to have caught James Storm's attention so how exactly will this affect the tag title situation. Some seem to think that one of the Wolves will be joining the Revolution but I think both will reject Storm, leading to retribution. It's an intriguing development because it gives the tag team division some depth, both from a roster and storyline standpoint.

- Speaking of James Storm's revolution, I've enjoyed the story so far but I feel there's one downside that I hope the writers will resolve at some point.  It's the use of the Great Sanada.  The young Japanese wrestler was booked regularly in matches when he first arrived in TNA but it seems like his time in the ring has diminished since joining Storm. I realize that Sanada and Manik are pawns in Storm's plan to achieve his goal but they're coming across more like props unfortunately. On a positive note, the writers seem to have given Manik a purpose lately; the task of speaking Storm's gospel but what exactly is Sanada's role? I think it's important that TNA begin to define his role better so that fans will care more when he eventually dissents and breaks free from James Storm, assuming that's the direction the writers ultimately go. I'm really hoping that we get to see more of Sanada in matches going forward or better yet, make him and Manik a tag team and give them an opportunity to challenge for the tag titles. In fact, now that I think about it, it makes too much sense not to do it.

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