25 November 2014

TNA Tuesday Randomania - Nov 25, 2014

- It's been quite a week for TNA fans and before I proceed with this week's Randomania, I would like to give kudos to the fans who visited TNAMecca on Wednesday and joined in on all the fun.  It was a special day, made even more special by the fact that we got to enjoy the experience together.  So...TNA finally announced a TV deal with Discovery's Destination America last Wednesday and I think for the most part fans were happy.  I say 'for the most part' simply because there are some fans whose cable or satellite providers do not carry Destination America or they will have to upgrade to a higher tier package for an additional fee per month.  I will not begrudge any fan who isn't willing to spend the money to upgrade but I hope they will because it will help TNA in the long run.  I would encourage all TNA fans who have the option to upgrade, however, to at least look at their monthly budget and see if there's somewhere they can cut in order to fit in the extra $10 or $20 per month it will take to get Destination America.  For those who are still uncertain whether or not they get Destination America, click here and simply enter your zip code and cable/satellite provider.

- I think the deal with Discovery to air TNA programming on Destination America is one that will benefit both sides.  In TNA's case, it gives them the opportunity to continue to produce episodes of Impact for at least the next two years.  But beyond that, and judging by Discovery's press release, it will allow them to air more than one show on American television, presumably on Destination America, and do so without the pressure that comes with having to draw a higher viewership.  Under the Discovery umbrella, TNA can now focus on producing the best television shows they can without constantly making creative decisions based on weekly ratings.  Furthermore, it appears that TNA will also be allowed to air specials, which I hope are 3-hour PPV-caliber shows on Sunday nights.  In Discovery's case, the addition of TNA programming will give Destination America quite a bit of exposure, and I suspect that is the company's primary goal.  I don't think ratings will matter to executives at Discovery early on as much as TNA putting Destination America on the map.  And judging by the reaction we saw online after the TV deal announcement on Wednesday, it appears that TNA is well on their way to doing that.  In fact, millions of people in the United States and all around the world now know about Destination America, thanks to TNA.  Many of them will even pay to upgrade their cable package due to Discovery's deal with TNA, giving them extra leverage when the time comes to negotiate a new deal with cable and satellite providers. And finally, Discovery will air Impact and/or other TNA programming internationally via their partners worldwide, giving them another source of revenue.  This is a great deal for both sides and one that appears to be just the beginning as both TNA and Destination America grow together.

- Of course, there's also the possibility that TNA programming might air or replay on other Discovery channels but I'll leave that discussion for another day.

- The TV deal announcement has come and gone, and many fans are asking "what's next?" Recently, Dixie Carter teased more announcements to come so I'll attempt to speculate what those might be.  Firstly, if the plan is to return to television in January, TNA will have to tape new episodes of Impact so I expect to hear an announcement about the next set of tapings soon.  Whether the tapings take place in December or January, an announcement must come soon in order to give them enough time to sell tickets.  Secondly, we should expect to hear a premiere date and time for Impact.  Although it's easy to assume that Impact will air on Wednesdays at 9PM EST, the fact that the two sides are still discussing it leads me to think that it may not be set in stone.  I imagine Discovery and TNA want to get it right the first time so it's important to select a day and time that puts Impact in the best possible position to succeed.  Thirdly, we could get an announcement about a Canadian TV deal at any time as Dixie Carter reported that TNA are currently negotiating with networks in Canada.  Additionally, we should get teases or previews from TNA and Discovery for the next several weeks of Impact's new look, from logos to graphics to color schemes, etc.  I'm especially looking forward to that. And finally, we all know they're coming, and that's rumors and reports of talents signing with or leaving the company.  So as can you see, the next several weeks will keep us quite entertained so I suggest you get ready because the fun has just begun.

- And lastly, last week was the last of Impact's first-run episodes this year and going into the show I was curious to see if TNA would leave us with a cliffhanger.  I wouldn't describe it as a cliffhanger per se but I thought the writers did a good job leaving things off at an interesting point.  Firstly, the biggest story, Bobby Roode's feud with Lashley, became personal when the latter targeted Roode's friends. This has set up their upcoming rematch nicely.  Speaking of personal, MVP's attack on Kurt Angle should eventually lead to a match.  I can't imagine Angle will be allowed to remain Director of Operations so I look for him to resign.  Ethan Carter III has promised to tear Rockstar Spud apart from top to bottom, and he started last week by cutting off a lock of Spud's hair.  Taryn Terrell, the new Knockouts out champion, will be busy come January as she will undoubtedly have to defend her title against Havok and Gail Kim.  Likewise, the new X Division champion Low Ki has a potential war looming with the return of Samoa Joe from injury.  In the meantime, however, will any current X Division wrestler step up to challenge him? The Wolves, who were ambushed by James Storm and Abyss, will be looking for revenge and an opportunity to regain their tag team titles.  But what role will the Hardys, the #1 contenders, play?  Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez' feud with Kenny King and MVP took a nasty turn last week when MVP destroyed Melendez with a chair, something an irate Anderson will not forget during the hiatus.  Gunner defeated Samuel Shaw in a hardcore war two weeks ago so it appears their feud may be over...but is it?  I certainly hope not because I feel that their feud, with Brittany's involvement, still has legs.  Manik has befriended Mahabali Shera but at what cost? Could it cost him his spot in the Revolution if James Storm continues to reject Shera? So from the looks of it, the writers have nicely set up the storylines for the DestAm premiere in January. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the writers change things up or they pick up where they left off last week.  I, personally, would like to see the current storylines and feuds continue.  Most of them, if not all, still seem to be peaking or just getting started. It's hard to believe that the final episodes of Impact were taped the week of September 16th. The writers also were seemingly given the go-ahead to start a feud for Kurt Angle, whose contract was due to expire two days after those tapings. TNA must've been pretty confident that they'd have a TV deal come the new year. Or perhaps an agreement was close. That's quite a different picture than the one the dirtsheets tried to paint for the last couple of months.  This is why I've always encouraged fans to disregard what the dirtsheets report and let things play out. This story certainly proves why.

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