18 November 2014

TNA Tuesday Randomania - Nov 18, 2014

- It sounds like this will be quite an interesting week for TNA and their fans so I thought I'd put it all in perspective for you and perhaps explain how significant a week it is.  Firstly, on Wednesday night, TNA will officially end their decade run of new episodes of Impact on SpikeTV. This is bittersweet for me simply because I started watching TNA when they premiered on Spike in 2005 so this is the end of an era for many fans like me.  But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens and how fitting is it that TNA will most likely announce the home for what will be the start of the next era this week. I've always been fairly optimistic that TNA will find a new home for Impact, and even though the dirtsheets made every attempt to kill my optimism along the way, I feel like I sit here tonight feeling confident that TNA will thrive in 2015.

- For all the hate and criticism that TNA gets from a good portion of the wrestling community, they always seem to overcome it, and this week, when the announcement of the new TV deal comes, they will once again show how resilient they are in the face of adversity.  Nothing has ever come easy for TNA yet they somehow always seem to come out the other side better than ever, and I believe that has a lot to do with Dixie Carter and her 'never give up' attitude.  This poor woman gets destroyed on social media by idiots every day.  She gets blasted and second-guessed by the know-it-alls in the wrestling media all the time. Yet, amongst all this criticism and the pressure to prove her doubters wrong, she continues to run her company with class and composure.  And a smile on her face.

- I won't speculate on the network that TNA ultimately signs with but I think it's important to remember that, regardless of the network, Impact will remain a fixture on American television in 2015 and beyond.  This is so significant because this development will benefit an entire industry, and that includes wrestlers, production crew, vendors, venues, caterers, and every other single entity that makes a profit from TNA's ability to produce a television show.  TNA plays a very important role within the wrestling industry and anyone who says otherwise obviously doesn't depend on it to make a living. Maybe they should ask those who do.

- So with the last of the new episodes airing this week, I've seen some fans lament the fact that the rest of the year will be dull and uneventful. On the contrary, folks.  When TNA announces the new television deal, I suggest you buckle up and get ready for an influx of news and rumors on talent signings, departures, potential branding changes, promotions by TNA and the new network, and more. I assure you, December will not be an uneventful month but one in which we follow along as TNA prepares for their premiere on the new network.  I, for one, can't wait because it's going to be a lot of fun.

- And lastly, as this week's episode of Impact concludes, I'm curious to see if TNA ends the show on a cliffhanger or will they simply have a normal ending with a preview of what's to come.  I hope TNA plan to at least not leave us hanging at 11:00PM EST.  By the time Impact ends on Wednesday night, I'd like to see TNA make some sort of announcement on the status of Impact going forward. In any case, like I said above, this week's ending will be much harder than usual simply because of what it signifies.  But I have a feeling that our minds will be on other things come Wednesday night, and that excites me. It's strange, as I'm dreading the end coming on Wednesday night, part of me can't wait for the next chapter.  My fellow TNA fans, this week and really the next month or so, will be an exciting time to be a fan so I encourage you to enjoy every minute of it.  Please don't allow the naysayers to put a damper on your excitement because when TNA's deal is announced, the bitterness will reach a boiling point for those who loathe us for supporting the company we love.  I urge you to avoid the sites that continue to disparage TNA and/or any positive news. Trust me when I say, this is a great time to be a TNA fan so please don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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