17 November 2014

The Revolution Gets Bigger

So The Revolution grows, not only in numbers but now in controversy.  For those of us that avoided spoilers, I must admit that I was genuinely shocked when Abyss made his way to the ring and pledged his loyalty to the Evil Cowboy.  I hear and see the moans and groans about The Monster joining this group, and I realize why this development may have turned some people off, but I suggest giving it a legit chance first before you turn away from The Revolution.  Pay attention closely to what Storm says because he is more cunning and devious than most people even realize.  I'd venture to say that most people forgot about Storm's Feast or Fired briefcase, but the rumblings of its existence were heard in our discussion posts and its relevance was pointed out by our staff and commenters.  The congruence of the storytelling, to go back over 9 months and tie up that loose end in such a way that shakes up the resurgent tag title scene even more, was impressive.

James Storm explained in his recent IMPACT365 video that The Revolution won the tag titles, not just Storm and Abyss, but all of them.  I assume this also means that they can defend the belts by "Freebird Rule" and have any of the members of the group defend the belts on any given night, or any partner in Revolution that Storm sees fit that is.  I suspect we'll know more about the tag title situation come this Wednesday but, needless to say, things have been shaken up.  Most people have loved what Storm has been doing with Revolution up to this point.  Yes, Sanada needs some more spotlight and attention but look at the character development that we've seen from Manik lately.  He has morphed into an on-screen combination of the real TJ Perkins and his masked character.  His backstage segments with Mahabali Shera have allowed us to finally see some of his actual personality and that has been a big positive in my opinion.  It also allows Shera to automatically be inserted into a relevant storyline so that his debut actually will mean something.  I'm not sure if he will end up being a heel or a face taking into account the reaction that Storm gave him when Manik introduced Mahabali to the group.  Spitting on an extended hand is usually not a good start to a relationship but then again, Storm beat Manik and Sanada down in a shed before they pledged so who knows?  Apparently there are specific things that the Evil Cowboy requires before you can join the Revolution and he was insulted that Manik attempted to bypass that process with Shera. 

Look, I know Abyss is past his prime.  I have explained my point of view regarding Chris Parks several times in other "Into the Abyss" columns and I won't do that again here.  You don't have to like him but if you're a TNA fan you should at least respect what Abyss has sacrificed for TNA.  So, when the company is in a position like TNA is, where the future of their TV contract has been surrounded by such uncertainty, you have to make safe decisions.  It was a smart and savvy move to put the tag straps on The Revolution as all 4 members are signed to the company (or at least appear to be).  Abyss and Storm have been with this promotion since the beginning and their loyalty is something that can be counted on.  The Wolves contract is seemingly not as concrete.  I don't know all the details but it makes sense with the World Title change and impending X-Division title change and possible KnockOuts Title change.  All the titles have be shifting to wrestlers that have contracts into 2015.  I know it was jarring for some of you to see The Wolves massive push come to such a screeching halt but business decisions had to be made for the betterment of TNA given their current status.

I maintain that having Abyss in The Revolution is a smart move.  He was floundering around after the horrible booking he has experienced since LockDown.  I think, in a way, the writers realized after the fact that they simply screwed up in how they used The Monster, and those mistakes really snowballed for his character.  He actually had some momentum after his Joseph Park/Abyss reveal on the U.K. Tour and then quietly slipped into irrelevancy.  Not that Abyss should be the center of attention but every aspect of the show should be interesting and compelling in theory.  Yes, he had a quality series of hardcore matches with Bram but before and after that, he was used poorly until now.  Now, his master is the leader of The Revolution.  I enjoyed the mind-controlling way that Storm held Abyss' face and hypnotized him with his piercing eyes backstage on IMPACT.

Chris Parks is going to be on the TNA roster, that is a given (whether people like it or not).  This move of him being apart of this group is an effective way to utilize him.  It's really as simple as that.  I have a hard time believing that it has ruined your enjoyment of The Revolution and its future storylines.  I really like the idea of 2 TNA Originals being apart of this angle as it adds a depth to their possible motives and intentions moving forward.  Maybe the actual uncertainty surrounding TNA's future will get woven into things somehow as a worked shoot of some sort.  That's the thing that we still don't really know about James Storm's current persona.  What are his actual intentions for The Revolution?  Does he want all of the power and prestige of the TNA championships?  Does he want to be World Champion?  To me it feels like we're just scratching the surface in what we've see so far.  2015 might just be the year of The Revolution, we shall see.      

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