02 November 2014

The New King of Hardcore

Bram.  The name doesn't traditionally strike fear in the hearts of men....until now.  Of course there's the famous author Bram Stoker, who receives attention at a higher level during this Halloweenish time of the year.  Other than that, there really aren't a lot of other famous Brams out there.  Two Wednesdays ago, TNA's Bram convincingly declared himself the "New King of Hardcore".  During his in-ring promo he also told us (in his intoxicating accent) how he loves the actual sound of the human body being destroyed.  He rightfully pointed out that he's not just Magnus' mate, and most fans agree completely on that.  It's well-established that he has outshone Magnus in recent months.  My favorite part of Bram's promo was when he yelled in typical Bramming fashion that, "I'm the man around here!!!".  Well done sir.  I believe you and a lot of other fans do as well.  HE....IS....BRAM!!!

The interesting part about the Magnus/Bram on-screen relationship is that despite standing out more on-screen, Bram hasn't thrown his friend Magnus to the curb (which is still inevitable at some point in 2015) or under the bus.  That current loyalty was fortified during Bram's Hardcore Match with Devon as Magnus provided a kendo stick shot to the back of the Team 3D member to help score the victory for the bearded Brit.  This past Wednesday on IMPACT we got a promo with Bram and Magnus where they were beating their own drum of current and future dominance of TNA.  Devon and the "Innovator of Violence", Tommy Dreamer, did not take kindly to their declaration and it looks as though we'll get a feud between these 4 men going forward.  There are so many good tag teams in TNA right now and they appear to mostly be unique and intriguing pairings.  Not that this particular Hardcore battle is focused primarily on tag team action, but with TNA's taped Bethlehem episodes winding down they decided to go heavy into tag team wrestling, which is awesome in my opinion.  By the time 2014 is up, Bram will most likely have collected  victories over 3 Hardcore legends in Abyss, Dreamer and Devon.  Is Bully next?   

I echo the sentiments from my colleague Nick Mann from his recent Mann in the Cage column on TNA's Hardcore wrestling trend.  Intelligent minds think alike as we both were independently on the same page contemplating the in-ring violence of TNA in recent days.  The young leader of this sadistic revival is Bram.  There is no doubt about that.  He has found his identity and niche with IMPACT Wrestling.  It feels like we have only seen a small sample size of what this man can bring to the table.  This savage could only flourish and succeed in this manner in THIS wrestling promotion.  Dixie, Big John and others in management saw his potential and gave Bram a shot.  He has exceeded everyone's expectations so far.  This on-going pattern of young, talented wrestlers coming to TNA and massively succeeding has become commonplace.  For some reason, TNA has not used the #Bramming hash-tag yet, but they did use #Brammed.  Whichever way you slice it, you're never going to forget his eyes and the way he commands your attention.  He is one of the cornerstones of TNA's future and I maintain that their future is bright.

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