07 November 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Nov 5, 2014

This was another quality episode of IMPACT from Bethlehem, PA.  With all the TV contract drama and other off-screen distractions right now for TNA, it's so refreshing and comforting to get such a good on-screen TV product from a so-called "dying company".  I will save my remaining venom for the upcoming Bark of the Dawg column on Monday but suffice it to say, I'm taking off the filter in regards to how I see things for the future of TNA.  Back at the Sands Event Center, Bobby Roode came out to revel in his World Championship glory.  This 2nd title reign for Roode should be glorious and I'm 100% behind him having the belt going forward.  MVP stirs up the pot and his own team by challenging Roode for a title shot, thus usurping Lashley and his rematch for now.  Good tension build for the MVPKingLashley group as their dynamic just got a lot more intriguing. 

The Hardy Boyz win the #1 Contenders spot in a very good match with Joe & Low-Ki.  No doubt, The Hardy's deserve that kind of respect but I was ready for a different match-up personally.  Somehow the involvement of James Storm and his Revolution figures to insert itself into this Tag Team title scene, hopefully with that infamous Feast or Fired briefcase.  The Revolution's interactions with The Wolves are simply TV gold.  I was fascinated and frankly turned on by Samuel Shaw and Brittany during their in-ring segment.  The recap vignette on Samuel was amazing too.  I was pleased to see the kata-gatame choke-out return as The Creepy Bastard adorned his hands in the signature gloves that he used to wear.  It's safe to say that Brittany and Samuel have the fans attention and it will be captivating to see how this evolves from this point on. 

Mahabali Shera debuted in a promo vignette and a backstage segment with Manik tonight.  Another international star added to the roster for TNA, and I'm sure the writers have plans on how to best utilize him.  I imagine he will be involved in a feud with Revolution but perhaps he joins them instead?  I understand why Tommy Dreamer and Devon were in the match with Bram and Magnus, but the only explanation for the loss for the two Brits was to extend the "Magnus ineptitude" angle.  Protecting Bram from getting the pin was good but the older wrestlers winning was cringe-worthy (I assume that was the intent). 

The best segment of IMPACT was the show-stealing Rockstar Spud portion.  He just gets it.  The man has more charisma in his pinky finger than Rob Terry has in his entire body.  EC3 and Tyrus played their roles very well also and I was glued to the TV.  Jeremy Borash should get MAJOR kudos for taking that hard slap from Ethan.  It was absolutely shocking to see Borash get pimp slapped like that.  EY makes the save and these 2 teams will continue their feud.  The Gail/Havok KnockOuts Title Match was more of a brawl than anything.  It was predictable that Havok would retain but it's necessary to further her dominance and title reign.  It will be very difficult for any woman to get that championship out of Havok's grasp. 

The main event was short but adequate.  MVP was destined to lose but he put up a good fight.  Roode will hold the title going into 2015 unless some unforeseen circumstance arises.  The end-game here was Lashley spearing Roode post-match after being shown to leave the arena earlier.  MVP and Lashley appear to have beef with each other as The Destroyer did not take lightly to being disrespected by the loud mouth baller.  The show closes with a great preview video for next week that included an Aries Vs Lashley match and the Hardys Vs Wolves Tag Team title match. 

Favorite Moment - The Samuel Shaw and Brittany segment was my personal favorite.  I felt like I needed a cold shower afterwards.  Wowza!

Least Favorite Moment - The hardcore match ended in puzzling fashion so I will go with that. 

MVP of the Night - Rockstar Spud was amazing tonight.  Jeremy Borash helped make it all work too.

Grade - Another very good IMPACT earns a B+ from me.

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