22 November 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Nov 19, 2014

We opened this weeks show with Bobby Roode returning from his week hiatus and straight away calling out Lashley for his attacks on EY & Aries. Lashley comes out and they have short brawl in the crowd before being separated by security. Good way to open the show by getting right into the follow up to last weeks main event, the only problem I have was Roode's promo, it's starting to get repetitive with him trying to be the ultimate babyface, I hope that when TNA returns in Janaury they let Roode loosen up a little with his character and let him play up the fact he's one of the best in the world as opposed to trying get over how much he loves the business and get the fans on side because of it. I quite enjoyed the Knockouts 3-way, with the women involved I thought it would be an enjoyable watch and for me it was. While I was a little disappointed that Havok dropped the title, I'm glad that it was in these circumstances and that she lost it to someone as deserving as Taryn, in this situation we now have a deserving Champion in Taryn that people will get behind, and a still unbeaten monster that is now on the hunt for revenge in Havok, which should make for an interesting angle come 2015.

I thought Kenny King vs Chris Melendez was decent while it lasted, I love seeing King in his current role as it realy looks like he's coming into his own and breaking out as a potential star for 2015, and Melendez while still pretty green showed something in the match and really impressed me with some of the things he did. MVP was totally infuriated and took his anger out on Melendez, continuing the feud between himself, King, Melendez and Mr Anderson thats been going on in the background since the NYC shows in September. Once again EC3 & Spud were involved in a very good segment, but instead of the comedy were so used to them delivering, this segment was fuelled with emotion, and both men are playing the roles in this feud fantastically. Spud is playing the gutsy underdog perfectly, while EC3 is being such a bully and antagonist that fans are forgetting the past and rallying for Spud to kick EC3's ass. While the beatdown was very one sided, this feud is far from over.

In my eyes Bram is one of, if not the best signing of 2014 for TNA, he absolutely embodies his character and has earned everything he has got in recent months with his work in and out of the ring, and this match with Tommy Dreamer showed exactly why he is being called "the new King of Hardcore". Great hardcore bout that once again brought the violence and showcased what Dreamer & especially Bram can do in this environment. Al Snow's run in to get rid of Magnus was a surprise and the crowd reacted well to it, Bram gets the win and add's another name to an impressive list of victims in 2014. Looks like we have found the first person who wants to join the revolution in Mahabali Shera, I love that Manik is getting to show more personality through this angle of recruiting Shera, and with what was said at the end, it looks like a trip back to Storm's backwood church is on the cards.

I found it very fitting that the last match of Impact on Spike was an X Division bout, just like the first match was back in October 2005. Great multi-man X Division match that was Nonstop action from bell to bell, the Warriors Way spot involving all 4 men was sick, very original and out of nowhere. Low Ki is our new X Division Champion with an awesome Ki Krusher on Tigre Uno and what a way for him to end 2014 by winning the title after his return back in the summer. With Ki now champion, expect him vs Samoa Joe in 2015, which should be an awesome feud indeed. I'm surprised MVP attacking Kurt Angle didn't happen much sooner, however with all the circumstances surrounding this show, the timing makes sense. If Angle doesn't re-sign with TNA, they can use the brawl as a storyline way to fire him from his Executive Director's job, and if he does/has re-sign they have a top feud ready for their arrival on Destination America. After run-ins from Kenny King & Mr Anderson, we end with Bobby Roode and Lashley fighting in the middle of the ring, with the reminded that Match 3 between these two is inevitable. While this is the last show of 2014 from TNA, it was a solid way to end the year and also line-up so much for 2015, Taryn Terrell vs Havok, Samoa Joe vs Low Ki, Anderson vs King, possibly Angle vs MVP and Lashley vs Roode 3 have all in a sense been set up on the show, then you add The Revolution vs The Wolves feud that started last week, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to in 2015.

Favorite Moment - It was awesome to see Low Ki win the X Division title, for many years I've been a fan of Ki and he's been one of the best X Division performers of both 2014 and all time, so for him to have another reign as Champion is great in my eyes.

Least Favorite Moment - While I mentioned above I think the premiss of Roode's promo's is starting to get repetitive, it wasn't really an issue, so there is nothing I can pick this week that wasn't enjoyable. 

MVP of the Night - I think this one goes to Low Ki. To win the X Division title in the main event of the final Impact on Spike is pretty historic, so the night in my eyes belongs to him.

Grade - I thought this was strong show to end the run on Spike, great wrestling, great promo's and all around entertainment for a wrestling fan. Nice way to cap off whats been a very good year from the perspective of the TV product, and for me a show worthy of an A grade.

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