06 October 2014

Wreaking HAVOK!

Well, we have a new KnockOuts Champion my friends.  Her name is Havok and she has burst onto the women's scene in TNA like we've rarely seen before.  The comparisons to Awesome Kong are obvious and logical but I contend that Havok possesses a unique, bold persona and look that is not necessarily "like someone else".  Yes, she is a bigger woman that is filling that much needed monster-heel role for TNA, but she's doing it in a way that others like Lei'D Tapa and Alpha Female simply could not.  She has prominent sex appeal and power that comes across as seductive to viewers at times.  Couple those dominatrix-like attributes with a vicious mean streak that cannot be ignored and you have one remarkable female.  She is also seasoned and wields the wrestling skills that are required to be a champion.  However, I don't think many people really thought that she would capture the KnockOuts Title this quickly and easily.  So now that she has, where do things go from here?  Let's examine the possibilities as the KnockOuts Division has now changed direction significantly.

The storyline currently being presented is that Gail Kim is legitimately hurt and won't be competing for quite some time.  Whether or not her shoulder injury is a work or a shoot is unclear, but the bump she took from Havok on IMPACT looked very convincing to me.  It's also telling that Gail is not working Bound For Glory in Japan, so I tend to lean towards the possibility that she is really hurt to some degree.  So, with Gail on the shelf, who is going to step up to the menacing Havok and challenge her next?  I don't know the spoiler results, but Taryn Terrell seems like a logical choice.  She can take bumps from Havok that no other woman is capable of.  Also, she would appear to be the default #1 Contender since her last KnockOuts Championship match with Gail Kim at The Manhattan Center was so well received.  Are Taryn and Havok capable of putting on quality matches?  Yes.  My only hesitation is that Taryn usually performs better with another seasoned veteran calling the match and leading her around.  Is Havok going to be able to fill that role?  It will be a true test of her in-ring capabilities and perhaps a barometer of the tenure of her title run. 

I don't see any of the other active KnockOuts being serious contenders at the moment.  That's not meant as a disrespect to those other ladies, but you can't build up Havok as a dominant monster-heel and then have her lose to Velvet Sky.  At that point she would lose all the momentum that she has gained since her debut.  Sure, she may have matches with Angelina Love, Brittany or Madison Rayne along the way but she will most likely dispatch of them fairly easily.  The other serious contender that I can see coming back is Brooke.  For some reason, Robbie E has been allowed to appear on IMPACT during the same time frame that Amazing Race was taped and now when it's airing, but Brooke is not (which is somewhat confusing and perplexing).  When #TheWrestlers are done with their Amazing Race run on CBS, I expect Brooke to come right in and challenge the Amazon for the title as they have already began a verbal feud on Twitter.  Until then, I expect Havok to rule supreme for the foreseeable future.  It would be fun to see her chokeslam some more male security guards along the way too.  I could also see DJ Z, Spud or Robbie E being in the wrong place at the wrong time and feeling the wrath of Havok.  I'm excited to see where things will go from here as she continues to establish herself as a commanding force.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter below (no spoilers please).      

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