20 October 2014

Tyrus Has A Place On The TNA Roster

Disclaimer: Oh boy I think to a lot of people on the site, this write up has been a long time coming and frankly it has been. This write up has essentially been 14 months in the making so let’s get started. In this write up, I will give a little explanation about my writing style to those that have never read my work before as well as talk about the guy in the blog’s headline: EC3’s newest bodyguard Tyrus. 

My Writing Style
          I have written blogs about TNA for a little over three and a half years now. My first ever write up on the internet was way back in April of 2011. I don’t use crutches that other writers on the net might use with pictures, gifs, youtube videos etc. as all I do is let my words speak for themselves. I have no issue calling something TNA does as stupid and as you see in the comment boards, I have no issue highlighting the stupidity of people’s arguments when it comes to trashing TNA. I also am a big fan of making statements in parentheses for whatever reason. (I seriously do not know why I started doing that a lot but alas I do) I will be providing a link to where you can find the blogs I wrote these past three years for the site that I USED to be a part of. 

My Blogs

Tyrus Might Have a Place in TNA After All
          Unlike most of the community of TNAMecca, I have no issues with looking at spoilers. It holds no bearing on whether I am going to watch the TNA program or not because I am going to be watching TNA Impact on Wednesday nights on Spike TV (For now??) anyway. When news broke that the former Brodus Clay (Seriously what the fuck kind of name was that WWE Generator??? Though I will admit the name Tyrus isn’t that much better then Brodus Clay) was signed by TNA, saying that I was less than thrilled with this reveal would’ve been an understatement as frankly I was pissed that TNA would waste their time with a guy like that initially. Unlike the former Derrick Bateman (EC3) and the former Kenneth Cameron (Bram), we got to see Tyrus on the big stage in WWE for a few years and you know what you are getting with him. With Tyrus: you are getting a big, overweight man who has some agility and athleticism that a guy that size shouldn’t have. You are also getting a guy who really doesn’t have mic skills. 

          However come last Wednesday night; I got to see this guy on my TV as opposed to reading about him on a website and the wheels in my brain started turning when it came to me visualizing some opportunities for Tyrus in TNA. For years, the WWE has been ripped apart by critics for being such a homogenized roster where everyone looks and acts the same and frankly TNA should’ve gotten some criticism for that too (At least in the everyone looks the same area. But people were too busy fabricating reasons to dislike TNA instead of using reasons that were right there on the screen to use). Throughout most of TNA’s existence, their roster has consisted mostly of high flyers and wrestlers that weighed less than 240 Lbs. Now in the real world, 240 lb people aren’t considered small but in professional wrestling 240 Lb people are small. TNA just never really employed gigantic “monster” looking wrestlers for the most part. The only real exceptions I can think of are “The Monster” Abyss, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, Awesome Kong and Bobby Lashley. You can make a case for Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe but the former was an old man in TNA with grey hair who isn’t all that intimidating if you ask me and the latter was too short to be passed off as a monster in my opinion. (We are just going to pretend that Rob Terry never existed because he hasn’t been that useful to TNA despite being in TNA for over 5 years if you can believe it).

          Ethan Carter the Third’s newest bodyguard is a legitimate monster. He is 6 foot 7 and he weighs almost 400 lbs (Though given his look, he might weigh well over 400 lbs these days) and his job is to protect the future of TNA wrestling: EC3 (He might even work tag team matches with EC3 as well). Tyrus wasn’t brought in to TNA to be a major player but he has a nice little role and he can definitely carve out a nice little niche in TNA as a scary looking monster that stands in the way of babyfaces like Spud, EY, Aries, Low-Ki, Hardy, Angle, Richards, Edwards, Gunner, Roode etc who might want to get their hands on EC3 for reasons that are assuredly not EC3’s fault (Seriously, who could dislike this awesome EC3 dude?). That is a role Tyrus can play quite well and if EC3 does what we all think that he will accomplish, Tyrus can protect EC3 for a very long time.

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