08 October 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Oct 8, 2014

- More often than not, I begin Randomania with some sort of behind the scenes rumor or news story but this week I will focus on one of the most anticipated matches of the year, tonight's Full Metal Mayhem.  Some, mainly those within TNA, have called it the Match of the Year. That's high praise if you consider some of the matches we've watched in recent months, including every match in the tag title series. Every match in the series, each one topping the one before it, has been fantastic and if this trend continues, how does tonight's match top the Ladder match, which many have already proclaimed the Match of the Year.  How exactly do the Wolves, the Hardys, and Team 3D top that match? I don't know but I'm downright giddy just thinking about it. If ever there was a must-see match, a match that will have wrestling fans all over the world chanting "holy shit", it's tonight's Full Metal Mayhem. The Wolves vs The Hardys vs Team 3D in Full Metal Mayhem for the TNA tag team championships. It doesn't get any better than this, folks. 

- Incidentally, if the Wolves are victorious tonight, an argument can be made that they are the best tag team in professional wrestling right now. In any promotion. I don't know how one can objectively argue against them, quite frankly.

- Some have been claiming that TNA's current product lacks any sort of storytelling, making the shows less entertaining.  There's no doubt that TNA have transitioned to more of a wrestling product in recent months, thankfully, but there's still a good amount of storytelling.  It's simply much more nuanced.  The stories seem to develop organically now with a renewed focus on character development.  The storytelling has been as much about the character as it has the plots, giving storylines the sort of depth that has been lacking in mainstream wrestling for a while.  The writers have made the stories personal, each one specific to a particular character.  This approach has created a genuine connection between the character and the viewer.  Personally, I feel that TNA made the right decision to get back to basics: a simpler script with much more emphasis on the human interest stories that develop within the pro wrestling realm. It's made for much better shows. If you're a wrestling fan, I don't see how you can complain.

- Havok defeated Gail Kim last week to become the new Knockouts champion and it looks like TNA is wasting no time booking her next challengers.  Firstly, TNA announced that Havok's match against Velvet Sky at Bound for Glory is now for the Knockouts title. And secondly, there's a #1 contenders match booked on tonight's Impact, Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love vs Taryn Terrell, with the winner presumably getting a title shot next week. I can't imagine a scenario in which Havok loses the belt at BFG nor can I imagine one in which loses to Rayne or Love.  However, Terrell, to me, is the wild card.  We all know how highly TNA thinks of her.  If for whatever reason Gail Kim is out for an extended period of time, I could see Taryn coming closest to beating Havok.  The question is, can she ultimately beat Havok?  Can Gail Kim beat Havok? Can anyone on the current roster beat Havok, at least in a one-on-one situation? I'm not sure but it'll be interesting to see who emerges as Havok's toughest challenge.

- I often hear complaints how the titles don't mean much anymore in the WWE and TNA. Well, you can't say that about TNA right now.  The championship belts in TNA are currently the focus and all you have to do is take a look at the current titleholders and their recent and/or current challengers.  Firstly, Lashley has easily been one of the most dominating champions in TNA history and his title matches against Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Eric Young will make most fans' year-end lists. Every single challenger who steps in the ring with Lashley has one goal: to become the world heavyweight champion. How refreshing is that? Even more so is the fact that Lashley, a heel, has won his matches clean. When TNA decided to finally to rejuvenate the X Division, they turned to Samoa Joe to lead the way. Although I believe the X Division had seen a resurgence when Sanada won the belt and Aries after him, it wasn't until Joe won the title that I knew that TNA were serious this time.  And serious they have been.  We've seen some amazing X Division matches since Slammiversary but nothing has topped Samoa Joe vs Low Ki to me.  When was the last time the Tag Team titles felt so relevant?  Some will say when Bad Influence held the titles in 2012 but I have to disagree.  The last time the tag titles were anything other props was in 2011 when they were around the waists of Beer Money.  Thankfully, the arrival of the Wolves and the reunions of the Hardys and Team 3D have given us a tag title series that has essentially resurrected tag team wrestling in TNA. And finally, the Knockouts title is around the waist of a woman whose dominance has no equal in mainstream wrestling. The feud between Havok and Gail Kim has sparked interest in womens wrestling again after a year of filler. The proof is in the pudding as they say and if you've watched Impact since Slammiversary, you've been watching great title matches on a weekly basis.  If the tag teams aren't climbing up ladders, the X Division wrestlers are suicide diving.  And if the Knockouts aren't hitting neckbreakers on the steel steps, the heavyweights are Roode bombing over the top rope onto the floor.  And they've been doing it all for the championship belts.

- And lastly, I'm doing things a little differently this week. I'm handing over the mic to one of our longtime members, who has a special message for you. Will, take it away...
This is not a mirage, this is real, this is now, the former Will Cross is writing for TNAMecca now baaaaaaabbbby! Unlike Chris Jericho upon his return to wrestling in 2007, who I am paraphrasing here, I am not here to save TNAMecca from anybody as quite frankly TNAMecca does not need saving. Instead I have decided to hitch a ride on the winning horse while I still can and for those that aren't quite sure, the Higher Power the former owner of Crossfire Newz was referring to these past weeks is in fact TNAMecca. I am OFFICIALLY a member of the TNAMecca writing team and that's the Bottom Line because Will said so.

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