15 October 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Oct 15, 2014

- This week, I think it's important to begin with a hard truth about TNA and their current status. Before I proceed, however, I think I should point out that I genuinely believe that TNA will announce a new TV deal at some point this year, and they will begin anew in 2015 on a new network. With that said, I feel like many TNA fans don't want to accept the fact that the company as we know it might not exist, come this January. I say this simply because I'm sensing that TNA is currently going through a major transition behind the scenes, one in which would ultimately transform several aspects of the company.  I can't say for sure which but I have a feeling the biggest change, other than any potential branding changes, will be the Impact Wrestling roster.  There is reason to believe that much of the roster are currently free agents or soon-to-be before the end of the year.  Being that TNA is currently on hiatus, they will likely opt to not re-sign any of them at least until a TV deal is announced.  Once that happens, I'm sure negotiations with talents will pick up again just in time for the premiere on the new network, presumably on January 7th.  This, however, could backfire on TNA, especially as it relates to talents who might conceivably sign a deal with another network in the meantime. The fact remains that wrestlers who are free agents need to work and they will find it wherever they can. We've already seen Bully Ray tease working for another promotion in recent days, and previously, Kurt Angle spoke on a contract that he was close to signing.  I can only speculate on which wrestlers are currently free agents and which ones will either choose to re-sign with TNA when the time comes or seek employment elsewhere.  I simply do not know.  I do know this, however...there's a strong possibility that the roster could look much different in January.

- One thing to look for, as it relates to which wrestlers are still under contract, is the wrestlers that are the company's titleholders coming out of the Bethlehem shows.  TNA will most likely put the titles on wrestlers who are currently under contract and will be through the UK tapings, in order to avoid any embarrassing moments during their hiatus.  Currently, the titleholders are Lashley, the Wolves, Samoa Joe, and Havok who defeated Gail Kim at these tapings.

- Another hard truth appears to be TNA's hiatus as a production company. If this is true, it means that TNA has taped their last episode of Impact this year.  During the last tapings in Bethlehem in September, I believe the company taped eight episodes of Impact.  These shows would air through November 19th, a week before Thanksgiving, leaving TNA to fill twelve hours worth of television between then and the end of the year.  How will they do this?  I'm not sure.  There have been reports that the remaining episodes will be highlight shows but until TNA confirms this, it's merely speculation.  But one thing I can say with some certainty is this, we're already in mid-October and TNA hasn't announced a new set of tapings for the next two months.  Typically, TNA announces their tapings about six weeks in advance so the earliest a set of tapings can take place is early December.  I simply do not see them doing that since they usually like to send their staff home for the holiday season.  This, to me, is an indication that TNA has shut down production until the new year, presumably when they begin to air on the new network.  I realize that fans want to watch new episodes of Impact through the rest of the year but I think it's important for TNA to take this time to secure a TV deal and to prepare for their re-launch in January.  In theory, it might not seem like something to take two months off for but there are aspects of this that we aren't privy to, such as the possibility of a re-branding, the re-structuring of the budget, contract negotiations with free agents, etc.  And this doesn't even factor in the work that goes into producing a wrestling show.  Yes, it might seem like the TNA staff are currently playing the waiting game simply because it's all quiet on the home front but I suspect that they're working hard behind the scenes to prepare for a new chapter in the company's history, one that will take them to a new network.

- And lastly, I don't mean to sound cynical but I like to be realistic.  I like to express my opinions openly and honestly.  I've outlined above two hard truths about TNA because I feel it's important that fans realize that the company's going through some adversity at the moment.  This is the reason why half the roster did not appear at Bound for Glory.  It's the reason why TNA had to tape several post-BFG episodes of Impact before the PPV aired.  It's the reason why there are no tapings or live events scheduled for the rest of the year.  It's also the reason why Bully Ray keeps teasing wrestling for another promotion.  There are so many more reasons but at the end of the day, the company must take two steps back in order to move forward and do so the right way.  The anti-TNA crowd will have you believe that this is the end, TNA's dying.  And sure, it may look that way on the surface but those who look deeper will see that this is all a necessary process to secure a brighter future.  And that they will.  Come January 7th, we will all rejoice in the return of our favorite wrestling promotion and the haters will scream "curses" in private while moving on to the next thing to criticize TNA for in public. And everything will be back to normal.  Patience, my friends.

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