13 October 2014

Sad News for British Bootcamp's Kris Travis

With less than a week to go until Challenge TV air the first of British Bootcamp Season 2's audition episodes, fans were left dumbstruck by the sad news announced by Bootcamp hopeful Kris Travis on Twitter two days ago.  After being diagnosed with cancer a month ago, Travis revealed that he has had an operation to remove a tumour and part of his stomach and is undergoing 18 weeks of chemotherapy to further battle the cancer.

For those that are not familiar with Kris Travis, he is arguably one of the most instantly recognisable faces on the British wrestling scene.  Although he has been wrestling for over a decade, it is in the last few years that he has risen to prominence.  He has held numerous titles in British promotions such as PCW, IPW:UK and GPW, wrestling both in singles competition and as part of the popular tag team Project Ego alongside Martin Kirby.  In 2013 he won a slew of awards from Fighting Spirit Magazine, including UK Wrestler of the Year, UK Tag Team of the Year, and UK Match of the Year.

What makes Travis' news even more heartbreaking is the fact that he has openly stated that his ambition is to appear at Wrestlemania, or to work with a promotion like WWE or TNA.  Nothing in mainstream US wrestling has highlighted the wealth of British wrestling talent in the same way that British Bootcamp has when they announced that they would be returning for a second season.  It got people talking about and sharing videos of their favourite British talent on social media, spreading their name to an international market.  One of those names that would regularly pop up on my timeline was Kris Travis.

We have seen how successful that Rockstar Spud has become after the first season of Bootcamp (an altogether quieter affair than the second season), so it is clear what a great opportunity is on the line in the second season.  To have such a unique opportunity taken away from you by something so serious and so out of your control must be truly devastating to Travis.

Fortunately, it seems like Kris Travis is blessed with great friends, and the out-pouring of support for the man has been awe inspiring.  With such a serious condition, Travis will be unable to work and will be living with his parents whilst he undergoes treatment and recovery.  However, his friend and PCW owner Steven Fludder has set up a fundraiser to provide financial help to Travis with bills and travel costs during this period.

The fundraiser is open until December 11, so if you would like to contribute towards the target then you are free to do so at a few clicks of a button.  We appreciate that we are approaching a financially difficult time of the year, so we do not want anyone of the TNAMecca community to feel obligated to contribute, but as one of the hottest prospects going into British Bootcamp this Sunday we thought it was appropriate that we mention Kris Travis' plight.

The fundraising website can be found here if you would like to make a contribution, and if you would like to send him your well wishes on Twitter (@RealKrisTravis) I am sure he would like to hear from you.

On a positive note, when Kris Travis does beat cancer, recovers and returns to a future season of British Bootcamp, he will have an X-Factor style sob story in his arsenal that would make even Samoa Joe cry like a big blubbery baby at the audition process.

With the new season of Bootcamp almost upon us, I will leave you with a video of a match from a couple of years back as Kris Travis takes on season one's winner Rockstar Spud.

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