13 October 2014

Pick 'em League: Season 2 Round Up

Last nights historic Bound For Glory from Tokyo, Japan capped off the second season of TNAMecca's Pick 'em League. While the season may not have had as many events as we'd hoped, it still had bragging rights and a $20 Gift Certificate for ShopTNA up for grabs, making Bound For Glory an event where everyone wanted to perform a clean sweep of picks. Now that the dust has settled from last night, lets look at the breakdown and see how the league picked Bound For Glory.

As we can see above, the league's overall favourites walked out victorious last night, meaning quite a few were able to score some high numbers, however only four were able to achieve a clean sweep and attain the 21 points up for grabs, so congratulations to Alfred Brickrock, Ibra & Will, and a subtle pack on the back to myself for achieving the clean sweep. With all the picks broken down and the points added to the table, lets take a look at the final leaderboard and see who is our Season 2 winner.

So Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a tie! Its all level at the top of the table between myself, Ibra & TheByronTaylor. After a discussion along with my colleges Chris Regal & BigDawg, we have decided that due to the time between now and the next possible live TNA show, 1st place will remain tied between the three and the $20 Gift Certificate for ShopTNA will be shared between Ibra & Byron. Congratulations to the two of them on their success, and on behalf of everyone at TNAMecca I'd like to thank all of those who participated in this season. We are unsure when a Season 3 will be possible to run, but rest assured if it can be done, we will certainly do it, make sure to keep checking the site and our Twitter for any updates, and until next time, thanks for playing.

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