03 September 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Sep 3, 2014

- Since there's really nothing new to report on TNA's TV deal situation, I'll begin this week with the Bound for Glory PPV.  For a brief time, there was some speculation by some dirtsheets that the company's biggest event wasn't going to take place but as it turns out, they couldn't be more wrong.  BFG will go on as planned on Sunday, October 12th in Japan.  Unfortunately, due to the false rumors, some are now trying to diminish the significance of this year's Bound for Glory.  Let me remind everyone: this year's Bound for Glory will emanate from Tokyo, Japan.  Put aside everything else and just let that sink in for a moment.  BFG will take place in TOKYO, JAPAN.  Everything else is of little concern to me.  Will it air live in the United States?  Most likely, no.  Will there be massive build for the PPV from a storyline perspective?  Probably not.  Could TNA tape post-BFG episodes of Impact before the PPV? It appears so, yes.  I realize that one or all of those answers might irk you or disappoint you but let's not neglect the fact that TNA wrestlers will work matches with other TNA wrestlers or Wrestle-1 talents in front of a live Japanese crowd.  This is an historic event that will, at the very least, feature great wrestling and some good storytelling so I'm still very excited about it.  When TNA announced that BFG will be held in Japan this year, I was genuinely shocked, and even though there is a downside to this, I will not for a second let it affect my enjoyment of the show or the entire experience.

- One of the biggest topics of conversations right now is James Storm's revolution and the wrestlers who will be joining him.  Aside from the obvious reasons why I'm enjoying this story (Storm's heel character, entertainment value, etc.), I think it's a clever way to re-package some of the wrestlers on the roster.  So who will be the next to join James Storm and the Great Sanada?  When I initially heard that Storm will be recruiting more members who need a change, I immediately thought of Manik.  TJ Perkins is one of the most dynamic wrestlers in the industry right now and I feel that he can better showcase his skills and be taken more seriously if he weren't wearing the Manik costume.  This is not to say that a mask of any kind is a hindrance but I think one that suits his personality would work better, preferably one that doesn't come his mouth so he can cut promos.  To me, TJ Perkins is a no-brainer.  The other wrestler who I thought of, and I don't believe I've seen anyone mention him, is Abyss.  If ever there was an opportunity to right the wrong of putting him in that horrendous mask, it is now.  We all know that Chris Parks' time as a wrestler will be winding down soon so it's only more fitting to let him go out as a the original Monster, with the black mask that covered his mouth.  It'd be a nice send-off by TNA and it will do quite a bit for the legacy of Abyss.

- Speaking of TJ Perkins, if you haven't already heard, he claims that he has recently re-signed with TNA, presumably for another year.  The contract he signed last year was due to expire this September.  This is a good sign and an indication that TNA probably have plans for Perkins or at least need him to add depth to the X Division.  I, for one, am very happy with this news.

- One of the most exciting things about tonight's Impact is the debut of Havok.  I wasn't too familiar with her work prior to the news that she was booked to appear on one of the One Night Only PPVs so I made an effort to check her out on Youtube.  What I saw was tremendous.  Jessicka Havok, as she's known in the indies, has an amazing gimmick that will add much-needed edge in the Knockouts Division.  We know that TNA have been looking for a woman who's considerably bigger in size than their core wrestlers for a while. They brought in Lei'D Tapa and Alpha Female earlier in the year but neither seemed ready for this stage but Havok seems much better suited.  She's a good worker and from everything I've seen, she has a presence not seen in TNA since Awesome Kong.  I have a feeling her debut tonight will be quite a treat.

- And lastly, we are nineteen days away from Kurt Angle's TNA contract officially expiring.  I'm getting the sense that TNA fans have pretty much accepted the fact that he will return to the WWE if the McMahons agree to his return.  Recently, there was a report that the WWE might change their mind due to the fact that they don't have many suitable opponents for their current world champion Brock Lesnar.  Feeding him Kurt Angle would certainly create some buzz I imagine.  Personally, I think it's time for TNA and Kurt Angle to part ways, especially if he insists on publicly declaring his desire to return to the WWE. I've always been a huge Angle fan, dating back to his early days in the WWE but I can't help but feel some disappointment in the way he's conducted himself in the last year.  He's taken every opportunity to share with the public his goal to finish his career in the WWE and while that's something I don't begrudge if he were a free agent, it's unacceptable while TNA pays his checks.  If I were to evaluate his performance right now as the Director of Wrestling Operations, I'd say that he looks like he's checked out.  Even though his status is fitting of the title, his promos come across as awkward and at times cringeworthy.  I'm hoping that TNA writes him out at the next set of Impact tapings in Bethlehem, PA because I truly feel that it's in the company's best interests.  This is not the motivated Kurt Angle who came to TNA in 2006 with a purpose.  This is the worn down and defeated Angle who has very little interest in helping TNA take that next step.  He has one final goal, and that is to finish his career where it started and regardless of whether or not the McMahons want him back, that desire will not go away.  He will lobby anyone who'll listen to get back to the WWE, even for one last match.  TNA, I implore you, when Kurt Angle's contract expires in three weeks, please let him go...otherwise you risk another year or so of Kurt Angle publicly trying to convince the McMahons that he's deserving of another shot while on your payroll.  It's time to say goodbye to the Mr. Angle.

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