17 September 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Sep 17, 2014

- This week, I will begin with the latest on the TNA TV situation.  We still have no confirmation from any reliable source that a deal has been agreed to but based on recent events, I feel much more optimistic about TNA's ability to secure a TV deal now than I did just two weeks ago.  That's not to say, however, that I believe that TNA and SpikeTV will come to an agreement.  I'm starting to slowly come to the realization, based on what I've read, that TNA will be moving on to another network, come January 1st.  But let me be clear...I'm not by any means reporting this as news but based on a gut feeling.  I simply find it hard to believe that two companies that have worked together for nine-plus years are so far apart in negotiations, especially if there's still a mutual interest in continuing their partnership.  With that said, I genuinely believe that Impact Wrestling will premiere on a new network come the new year.  I'm basing this on recent tweets by Dixie Carter.  The TNA President has been hinting at a new deal with another network for a few weeks now, as if she's trying to tell us something. It's also quite telling that she's responding to the fans' questions or concerns when she simply could have ignored them.  This tells me that one of two things is going on: 1) TNA have agreed to a deal with a network but can not announce the deal until October 1st, due to their contract with SpikeTV or 2) TNA are still negotiating with more than one network and are guaranteed a deal by the end of the year. I honestly could not tell you which of the two scenarios is more likely however.

- Another interesting development in the TV situation came in an article about TNA that was posted on Grantland yesterday.  Even though, in my opinion, the article is more miss than hit due to the writer's suspiciously contrived narrative that essentially puts the nail in TNA's coffin, the one thing that I took away from the piece was this quote by Dixie: “We will die a slow death on the vine if we just stay as one two-hour show in the U.S.  I have big decisions to make. I want this to be a big play. I don’t want this to be a status quo play.”  Here we are wondering whether or not TNA will get a new TV deal, and Dixie Carter comes at us with this bombshell.  What exactly do we make of this?  Could TNA conceivably come out of these negotiations with not one but two television shows?

- Kurt Angle will reportedly be traveling to India later this week to do some promotional work for TNA.  This is interesting because his contract with TNA expires on September 21st.  I think it's safe to assume that TNA and Angle have come to some sort of an agreement on a contract extension, based on this report and his recent comments that he's currently working on a new deal, something he can't do with another promotion while under contract with TNA.

-  According to TNA, Chris Melendez will be wrestling Kenny King on tonight's episode of Impact. I said in last week's Ringside review that TNA will have to start feeding him talents that are far superior to him and that's something that I might have a problem with.  This match is one of those situations.  I get it...his story is one that's inspiring and truly touching but the reality is that he has to show us that can compete with some of the industry's best wrestlers.  And last week, I don't feel that we saw that.  We all know how tonight's match will end but I'm hoping that Melendez, the wrestler, will give me some hope for the future based by his performance. 

- And lastly, tonight's episode promises to be another fantastic night of wrestling.  The main event will Lashley vs Bobby Roode for the TNA world title. I'm surprised to see this match booked for tonight since I had assumed that it'd be the Bound for Glory main event.  It'll be interesting to see what TNA have planned for the world title match at BFG and hopefully tonight's result will give us some indication.  My prediction all along has been that Roode would take the belt off Lashley at BFG but I just can't see it happening tonight.  So I'm curious to see what the writers have in store for us.  I only hope that it's not a match filled with shenanigans and that the two men get the chance to battle each other in a fair fight.  The other huge match of the night, a co-main event if you will, is the Ladder Match between Team 3D (1 win), the Hardys (1 win) and the Wolves.  I expect that this will be another outstanding match in this series which will crown new tag team champions if Team 3D or the Hardys win.  If the Wolves win, there will be one final match with a stipulation chosen by Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.  In the X Division, Samoa Joe will defend his title against Homicide in a match that I believe will be another brutally stiff affair, similar to the one we saw between Joe and Low Ki.  And there will be a Knockouts Battle Royal to determine Gail Kim's next challenger.  I think the outcome of this one is quite obvious but nonetheless, it will be fun watching Havok destroy her opponents.  I can't imagine a scenario in which Havok doesn't come across as the dominant beast that she's been since her debut.  So there you have it: the viewers will be treated to four PPV-quality matches tonight as TNA continues to deliver the goods.  This is a good time to be a TNA fan and it looks like things will only get better as the company seems to have finally found a formula that works.  Pro wrestling is the focus again and slowly but steady, wrestling fans are taking notice.  If you're a wrestling fan, I strongly urge you to give TNA a chance because right now, Impact is the best mainstream wrestling show on television and it's not even close.

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