09 September 2014

Spud On The Turn?

Ever since his debut and appointment as TNA's Chief of Staff, Rockstar Spud has cut a pretty wretched figure.  Chief of Staff was perhaps little more than a euphemism for Dixie Carter's Lapdog, and the position carried with it next to no clout with the rest of the roster, but that didn't stop Spud from taking the ball and running with it as he attempted to throw his weight around in glorious fashion.  All 140lbs of it at least.

Harassing catering staff, verbally abusing children at autograph signings, worming his way into TNA Knockout photoshoots in his underpants, breaking and entering into AJ Styles' home, slapping Wolves around the chops.  Not to mention the countless times he has inserted himself into a match to cost someone the win.  There appeared to be no limits to how low Spud was prepared to sink when Madame Dixie clicked her fingers.

Despite all of these antics, an enthusiastic New York crowd has been throwing up "Spud!" chants for the past fortnight.  So why all the love for Spud, and what does the future hold for him?

Aside from all the support that Spud must garner from the live crowds for his work with the pre-show parties, the TNA creative team have done a tremendous job of building Spud up both as the guy you love to hate and a true underdog.  The fact is that however despicable Spud has acted during his time in TNA, his on-screen actions have been motivated by two endearingly pathetic relationships.

First off is his undying loyalty and devotion to Madame Dixie Carter.  A lady that plucked Spud from obscurity and gave him an opportunity and position of "authority" that he had never before experienced in his career.  So eager was he to please his Queen that he carried out her demands without question, and was completely blinkered to her flaws.

The second relationship that has driven Spud is his utter adulation for young, supple Ethan Carter 3rd.  Rich, handsome, successful with the ladies, a friend the likes of which Spud may have never had before.  Ever since his debut, Spud has been by the side of EC3 singing his praises and doing his bidding without hesitation.

What has made both of these relationships so desperately pathetic, and at times uncomfortable to watch, is that they have often felt very one-sided.  Right from the outset, Spud's actions have seldom earnt him any praise from his two idols.  More often than not he found himself chastised, slapped about in an elevator, power-bombed through a table or taking some other metaphorical bullet in the middle of the ring.  Yet week after week Spud has marched out onto our screens trying to convince us to adore and respect the Carters in the way that he does.

Spud has done some terrible things, but you cannot help but sympathise with the guy for sticking to his convictions, however misguided they may be.

Fast forward to present day, and I should imagine Spud must feel like his World is imploding around him.  His role as Chief of Staff is more meaningless than ever now that his Queen has been removed from active duty, and his best friend Mister Ethan Carter Sir is becoming increasingly uncontrollable as he tries to mete out retribution to those he holds responsible for what happened to Aunt D.  Unfortunately for Spud, it would appear that blaming other people for their own misgivings is a Carter family trait.

Dixie was quick to point the finger of blame at Snitsky and Rycklon.

EC3 pointed the finger of blame at Rhyno for what happened to Aunt D.

Is it only a matter of time before EC3 decides that Spud is accountable?  And have we already started to see this happen with the way that EC3 so callously fed Spud to Rhyno last week on Impact?

Spud has achieved great things during his time as Chief of Staff, providing Impact highlights week upon week, but with the reign of Dixie Carter at an end for the foreseeable, now would seem like an ideal time for Spud's character to have a change of direction.  Additionally we have a second series of British Bootcamp on the horizon, and it would not be a stretch of the imagination to think that Spud will be heavily involved with the show or its winner given how instrumental he has been to the success of this concept.

So could we be witnessing the beginning of the end for the beautiful friendship between Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter?  How would you like to see this situation play out?  And how would the wee man deal with the crushing realisation that he was nothing more than a tool of the Carter family?

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