18 September 2014

Rise of the Revolutionist

For many years he was known as the beer drinking, good time loving Cowboy who had earned a place in the hearts of many TNA fans, but at the turn of the year James Storm made a turn of his own, a change in direction, and it has ultimately lead to a transformation, no longer is he just “the Cowboy” but he is “the Legend” and the leader of his so called “revolution”. After his partner at the time Gunner started to gain success as a singles wrestler, Storm realised that a pattern had emerged through his career, all those who had stood by his side had become better and more successful than they were before. Chris Harris, Bobby Roode & now Gunner all found themselves better off thanks to their alliance with the Cowboy, and upon the discovery, he realised that he had a gift of making people great, but his execution in making them great was wrong, as they became better, he continued to stay at the same level and not reap the rewards of his labour, and upon this revelation came the idea of a new philosophy, and new approach, and the start of a revolution.

For months his followers on Twitter heard that a #RedneckRevolution was taking place, but it wasn't until recently we heard Storm make mention of it on Impact, and it was during an interaction with Sanada, a young star who Storm had started to confront in recent times. Like his revolution, nobody knew why the Cowboy had begun tormenting Sanada, verbally abusing him & taking shots at his mentor The Great Muta, even beating him down for no good reason. It looked like Storm had turned into a Bully, picking on someone who he saw as beneath him, however when the Great Muta arrived in NYC and appeared on Impact, all became clear as to what Storm's intentions were. Somehow, some way, the berating and negative referrals to his mentor had brainwashed the formerly level headed Sanada and caused him to turn on his idol and become a servant of Storm's.

The Cowboy's first recruit didn't get off to the best of starts, the pressure and some resistance on his part caused him to disappoint his new master, and in-turn was punished for his short comings, until Sanada finally accepted Storm as his “salvation” and gave himself over to be re-born as The Great Sanada. Since Sanada's “awakening” we have seen a total transformation of the former X Division Champion, from his appearance to his attitude, Storm has turned his Japanese student into exactly what he wants, and so far he has been a solid first addition to his revolution. A few weeks ago on Impact, Storm and Sanada attacked and dragged away an unconscious Manik, and proclaimed he would be Storm's next disciple, and after being taken to what has symbolically become The Cowboy's Church somewhere in the woodland of Tennessee, Manik appeared last night on Impact alongside Storm & The Great Sanada with a new look and new purpose, officially embracing Storm as his leader and giving himself over to the Revolution.

We still have no real idea how this revolution came into Storm's head, or what plans he has for it going forward, but from what we've seen so far, I think we should all be very weary of what's to come. If you use the transformations of Sanada & Manik as a window into the mind of the Legend, it's clear his brain is operating on a totally different level, to break it down, it's frightening that Storm can look at someone like a Sanada or a Manik and evaluate whether or not they would be good additions to his stable, then envision these new personas & create these new looks. What is even more terrifying is what we haven't seen, exactly how has he been able to convince two respectful men with good morals to turn their backs on everything they believe in and follow him like sheep to do his bidding? What can he say or do to two men who were bullied and abducted and turned them into soldiers fully committed to his cause? And finally, who or what is next? James Storm has transformed into a evil like figure in recent times, and what we've seen him do solidifies that he is dangerous, what his revolution leads to we don't know, but it's in everyone's interest to be prepared, because the reveal may be just around the corner.

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