07 September 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Sep 3, 2014

Initially this episode of IMPACT seemed like the same opening sequence as last week.  Thankfully Samoa Joe came out to confront MVPKingLashley and it ended up being a very compelling in-ring promo.  Joe looked really strong here and the crowd was very hot for him.  I've said a lot already about the KnockOuts match in my last POV so I won't delve back into it.  Needless to say, I thought the match and chanting from the crowd were both fantastic.  Havok's debut got me excited to see what her role will be going forward.  EC3's promo was epic, as he hilariously revoked the chanting from the NYC crowd and really put himself over.  Volunteering Spud to face Rhino later in the night was a nice progression of their storyline and it got people talking on social media.  Backstage, Brittany stared longingly at Samuel, as Gunner was puzzled at their interaction.  Very interesting......very.

Bram/Magnus VS Gunner/Shaw was a serviceable match, nothing special here but storyline-wise it made sense and Bram & Magnus winning was somewhat expected.  The BroMans/Beautiful People stuff is kind of hokey and cheesy, but what else would you expect?  That was probably the least enjoyable part of the show for me personally.  If TNA really signed some kind of deal with Tinder, I guess it's a savvy business decision.  The Bobby Roode VS EY #1 Contender's Match was very entertaining while it lasted.  These 2 have wonderful in-ring chemistry together and Roode winning was a sensible outcome.  I'm excited to see the It Factor back in the World Title scene as I am 100% on board with him being the next World Champion.  Nice promo for the Tag Team Series from Team 3D, although Devon said the match was happening "tonight".  The X-Division match was fine, but we've seen these 6 guys in so many matches together now.  Homicide VS Samoa Joe should be a good title bout.  I was genuinely surprised that Homicide got the W in the #1 Contenders Match.  The Gringo Killer is a stiff and unique finisher, but it hadn't produced a win in TNA for years so it caught me off-guard. 

The Storm/Sanada stuff was my favorite part of the show as they abducted Manik and also confronted Austin Aries and a debuting Tajiri.  This angle has been the most directly applicable part of the show in relation to Bound For Glory in Japan, and they have executed the week by week progression to perfection.  Rhino squashed Spud like a bug as the EC3/Spud partnership continues to get more rocky all the time.  A very good video package for Chris Melendez aired to hype up the eve of September 11th that will coincide with his TNA in-ring debut.  Lashley VS Joe was hard-hitting and surprisingly good.  Lashley spears the socks off of Joe and that's all she wrote.  A quality video package hyping next week's episode completed the show. 

Favorite Moment  - The Storm/Sanada dynamic has me hook, line and sinker.

Least Favorite Moment - The Bromans/Beautiful People stuff is not resonating with me so far.

MVP of the Night - Bobby Roode wins the #1 Contendership and I was very pleased with that outcome.

Grade - I liked this show a lot as I felt it flowed well.  An A- from me.

We started out with MVP, Kenny King and Lashley coming out it what I expected to be a segment to put over Lashley and take shots at EY & Roode, however it was great to see Joe come out and set up a Champion vs Champion match for later in the night. I said a while ago I though the X Division Champion should face the World Champion in order to elevate the title, so to see this happen made me happy. Really enjoyed the KO title match, I thought both Gail and Taryn looked good here, giving me and the entire audience another good reason why we should be taking notice of what the division is delivering recently. The debut of Havok was impressive, taking out both Kim and Terrell after their great match. For those of the audience who didn't know who Havok was, TNA have done a great job of promoting her debut, but also not revealing her gender, I'm sure many will have thought that Havok would be a male wrestler, so when she came out it must have added to the surprise even more.

EC3 yet again was entertaining as hell, it was good to have him cut a hilarious promo after several weeks of intensity. Him forcing Spud to face Rhino was fantastic, the reaction alone was priceless. Now were really rolling with some progression to this Samuel Shaw story. In the last two weeks it seems that the creepy side of Shaw is starting to re-emerge, firstly with him wearing Gunner's military uniform, then this week him going nuts when he though Gunner was hurt. Also the backstage segment with Brittany staring at Shaw makes this whole thing very, very interesting going forward. I know some were not, but I was just fine with the Bro-Mans Tinder stuff. There were a couple of funny moments and the bottom line is this, it moves TBP into a new angle away from the KO title, if whether TNA are looking to have this as a short term or long term alliance, it moves Angelina & Velvet onto something new and allows the KO title picture to be given a new vibe with Taryn and Havok involved.

Very good match between EY & Bobby Roode, these guys always put on a show when they face off and this was no different. No real surprise with Roode winning and moving onto Lashley, which should deliver yet another great World Title match. Team 3D did a solid job of hyping the second match in the series next week, this is all that was needed to announce the stipulation and hype the match on a show that was pretty packed, even though it didn't feature one of its top angles. The X Division match was decent, but its starting to become repetitive having the same 6 guys face every week, regardless of whether its a 6 way match or a 6 man tag. Homicide getting the win surprised me, but him vs Joe should be good. I really enjoyed the post match antics with Storm and Sanada abducting Manik, I think a re-boot under Storm's revolution will be good for Manik. Tajiri making his debut was a pretty cool moment, and him teaming with Aries vs Storm & Sanada next week should be a fun match.

Rhino vs Rockstar Spud is exactly what you should have expected, a short match with some comedy and the outcome of Rhino trampling over Spud. It was interesting that EC3 was very cold to Spud and walked out instead of checking on him, it looks like the EC3/Spud pairing is coming to an end, which would be a damn shame if it did. Solid main event with Lashley having yet another great outing against an in form Samoa Joe. Once again a great way to end Impact with a high quality main event, I thought it was interesting that Kenny King got involved on his own without MVP, which leads me to believe that we could see a King/Joe feud for the X Division title down the road.

Favorite Moment - I'm really into James Storm and his revolution at the minute, and seeing him and Sanada drag Manik away to recruit him was the most intriguing part of the show for me.

Least Favorite Moment - While the BroMans/TBP stuff did achieve something, it was a drop off of quality during the show.

MVP of the Night - Bobby Roode had a successful night by finally earning a World Title match against Lashley, which should result in a great Title match vs Lashley

Grade - Another enjoyable show for me, it felt like a good balance and continued the run of quality that we've seen in recent times, this weeks Impact gets a well deserved A- from me. 

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