26 September 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Sep 24, 2014

This edition of IMPACT was the most outstanding example of a quality 1st hour followed by a lackluster 2nd hour in years.  I was enthralled by the well-produced vignettes that aired before the MVP VS Low-Ki match.  I feel like the show would have really benefited overall if they would have had the same type of hype videos for each wrestler that competed in the NYC Gold Rush.  I remember thinking during that opening segment that it would be cool if they did those great videos all night long but it was never meant to be I suppose.  The actual match between MVP and Low-Ki was surprisingly good.  Strong-style was in full effect here and it was entertaining to see their Japanese influence shine through.  The maneuver from Low-Ki where he ended up briefly standing on MVP's shoulders in one fluid movement was breathtaking.  MVP got the win with his Drive-By kick and the show looked very promising at this point.

A comedy backstage clip with Robbie E and Jessie was used to promote Robbie and Brooke's upcoming participation on The Amazing Race.  The match between Tajiri and this BroMan was decent as we got to see the green mist and a Buzzsaw Kick to score the victory for the Wrestle-1 star.  Spud made a brief back-stage appearance on his phone with the much longed-for EC3.  Austin Aries VS Knux was the match of the night.  No doubt, this was the best match Knux has ever had in TNA, and quite possibly his entire career.  Austin Aries usually brings the best out in his opponents and in this instance he did so in shocking fashion.  Knux performed so well that he even got a loud "KNUX! KNUX! KNUX!" chant from the NYC faithful.  Aries is always over no matter where he is, but these 2 wrestlers both elevated each other and really played to the crowd.  Aries lifting Knux up for the brainbuster was an amazing feat of strength to get the 3-count. 

And then the show started to go downhill.  A somewhat bland match from Mr. Anderson and Magnus ended with a confusing win for the loudmouth from Green Bay.  There was a nice video for the upcoming Team 3D Hall of Fame induction in Japan at Bound For Glory.  Then fans began to show their burnout as the Abyss VS Shaw match was in total autopilot mode.  Nothing exciting here and it became almost chore-like to watch this bout.  I'm a big fan of both men but even I was bored after a couple minutes.  The Havok promo for her match with Gail next week was nicely done.  The 5-man main event was another borefest as the crowd had partially left and the remaining fans seemed tired as hell (rightfully so after 4 hours of action by that point).  Aries winning is cool but it seemed anticlimactic after such a flat match.  Lots of videos and recaps in this show as unfortunately their time in NYC got stretched a bit too far when it was all said and done.  Next week, things should be back on track in Bethlehem.     

Favorite Moment - The Knux VS Aries match was the most surprising bout that I've seen in a long, long time.  There may be some hope for The Menagerie yet!

Least Favorite Moment - The Abyss/Shaw match was a stinker. 

MVP of the Night - I'm going to give it to Low-Ki for his unbelievable move and another consistent performance in the string of NYC shows that he appeared on. 

Grade - First hour was great while the second hour was just bad.  I give the show a C- overall.

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