04 September 2014

Better Than Divas!

I generally have not written much about the KnockOuts over the years that I've been grinding out TNA-related thoughts onto websites.  Not that I don't enjoy the ladies, but it just hasn't been my niche.  Right now, however, they are what everyone has been and should be talking about.  After last night's episode of IMPACT, it's undeniable that TNA once again has the best mainstream women's pro-wrestling in the world.  I absolutely loved it when the hostile NYC crowd loudly chanted, "BETTER THAN DIVAS!" at Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim.  There was also a booming "This Is Awesome!" chant thrown their way too.  A grand show of respect was given to them, and rightfully so, as the neck-drop that Taryn took on the steel steps was a CRAZY bump for any wrestler (male or female).  It's one of those types of moments in pro-wrestling where the venue crowd is telling it like it is, and the fans at home are, in turn, eating it up.  This is the 2nd time that we've heard that controversial chant since TNA set up shop in The Manhattan Center, as they also treated us with those blessed words during the Angelina Love/Gail Kim match a few weeks ago at HardCore Justice.  The truth expressed from those raucous New Yorkers was straightforward: The TNA KnockOuts are simply better than WWE's Divas. 

I'm sure the WWE sheep will take issue with it and will bitch and moan.  Really though, they don't have a leg to stand on in this regard.  The current Divas are mostly made up of model-types that kind of wrestle, but are mostly there to look pretty and have dramatic interactions with each other, soap-opera style.  Yes there are a couple of exceptions to that rule in WWE, but generally that's the case.  The KnockOuts are in TNA to actually wrestle, and that's exactly what they provide for their fans.  I won't pretend that the ladies in TNA have been on top of their game for all of the prior year, because that would be a gross exaggeration.  In fact, there was a huge chunk of time where the competition felt repetitive and boring.  The one constant bright spot that remained was Gail Kim.  It's a generally accepted reality that Gail Kim is the best women's wrestler in the world today.  She's been in both of the matches where the famous chant that titles this POV was shouted in unison.  Gail can work with any woman in the ring.  She is the glue that holds the KnockOuts together.  I have a high level of respect for Mrs. Gail Kim-Irvine, and most knowledgeable and objective fans should also.

Then, as soon as the hard-hitting, fantastic Gail VS Taryn match concluded Wednesday night, we saw a debuting Havok who came to destroy both of them.  There's no doubt that Havok burst onto the scene with ferociousness and power that we've rarely seen in a female competitor.  The woman is legit scary and she's just getting started in TNA.  I contend that she also had a part to play in the increased viewership for IMPACT last night because of the nice following that she has on the indie scene and online.  People wanted to see her first appearance for the company and she didn't disappoint.  Havok will provide something that Lei'D Tapa and Alpha Female simply could not; a legit, seasoned monster heel that belongs on national TV.  No disrespect to those other 2, but they were just not ready for the role.  Havok is ready and prepared, and she will provide the proper element that was missing in this division.  Having a strong KnockOuts Division is an essential piece of IMPACT being a quality product from top to bottom.  It feels and looks like this current group is ready to provide top-tier women's wrestling again.  Oh, and just in case you forgot, they really are "BETTER THAN DIVAS!". 

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