26 August 2014

We Need Some Clarity

Now, it's no secret that I have remained one of the optimistic TNA fans out there in the last few years.  Through thick and thin I've tried to remain positive and upbeat about this company.  It's not blind faith but more of a "glass half full" approach that I (and others) have implemented recently and in the past.  Right now seems to be one of the most controversial and direction-changing times in TNA history.  The status of BFG seems cloudy, as far as what the show will look like and what date and venue is involved.  TNA house shows have been put on hiatus for the foreseeable future.  Roster cuts for wrestlers and other respected employees are happening on a weekly basis.  However, the TV situation beyond 2014 is mostly what wrestling fans are talking about when it comes to IMPACT Wrestling.  While the temporary extension from Spike TV has provided some comfort and relief for fans, I constantly read paranoid and outlandish claims on Twitter about TNA going out of business.  Personally, I am confident that TNA is not going out of business anytime soon, unless something drastically changes.  That being said, I really wish that TNA would give the fans some clarity and assurance in regards to its future. 

It could be something as simple as John Gaburick giving us details on Bound For Glory in Japan.  After all, if TNA is going to continue to treat BFG as its biggest Pay-Per-View of the year (which I'm convinced is actually 2nd or 3rd in line behind Slammiversary and possibly Lockdown), then sort out the details and let us in on the secret.  I am sure there is an overwhelming amount of happenings going on behind the scenes for the company right now in multiple facets, but we deserve to have another bone thrown at us.  If nothing else, they need to shutdown a portion of the falsehoods and rumormongering that is happening in IWC Land.  It's completely out of control and it's becoming tough to remain optimistic if you're online much, even for the most loyal TNA fans out there.  From what I hear from you guys, in regards to comments on other pro-wrestling sites, it sounds like a majority of people have already written TNA off.  It's as if they are salivating like hungry monkeys staring at a bunch of bananas just out of reach from their cages when it comes to thoughts of TNA dying.  The anti-TNA obsession that consumes them is not a surprise, but it does speak to the character of who they really are.

Again, even I am desiring for TNA management to give us some information as to what is happening.  Another Q & A session of some sort or a conference call would do wonders for the morale of fans.  In the mean time, until they provide some insight, I suggest you read and watch 2 items (if you have not already) to pick up your spirits.  One of them is the interview that we posted with EC3 last week from our friends at which you can find here.  The other is the Sam Roberts interview he conducted with Samoa Joe, Low-Ki, MVP and Homicide which you can watch here.  Both have some positive words from the wrestlers' perspectives about TNA's current status and the potential new TV deal.  The changes in recent months have been numerous and have required a lot of patience from us.  The sudden switch of IMPACT on Spike TV to Wednesdays was particularly frustrating from the aspect of such poor promotion and advertising for the move from Spike TV themselves.  It's alarming when a portion of loyal TNA fans were not even aware of the move and the viewership reflected as much.  Come on guys, give us something to focus on besides uncertainty.       

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