11 August 2014

TNAMecca's 1st Anniversary: What a Difference a Year Makes

I cannot believe that TNAMecca has been up and running for a whole year.  I guess as you get older, time flies by more quickly with each passing day.  As TNA fans, I feel like it's fair to say that we have to show a lot of patience and sometimes we also have to put up with a lot of trolling and hate.  When Chris, Lee (MisterTNA) and I created TNAMecca and launched on August 12th, one of our immediate concerns was the ability to create an atmosphere where TNA fans could simply just be fans, without a constant argumentative and negative atmosphere.  It really had never been done before for TNA fans but we were confident that we could do it.  After reflecting on the past year, I feel like we've accomplished that goal.  Our Saturday Night Chat alone has evolved into a crazy, fun atmosphere where people spend hours and hours chatting about TNA, pro-wrestling and life in general.  Our infamous comment section has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.  I'm amazed at how this "troll-free, hater free" zone has fostered such a momentous level of activity.  I feel like TNAMecca is a true community of pro-wrestling fans.  It's a place that I've always dreamt about existing.  That dream became a reality in the last 12 months and we thank you all so much for making that happen.

I don't want to get too sentimental here but I consider a lot of you to be friends.  We've spent a significant amount of hours talking about pro-wrestling and TNA.  Do we always agree about everything?  No, but that's the way it should be.  We shouldn't all agree about everything all the time.  That would be too weird and cult-like.  The common bond that brings us all together is that we all gave TNA a chance at one point in our lives.  My introduction to the company came in late 2005.  Some of you have been TNA fans since Day 1 or shortly thereafter.  Some of you are new to the product in just the last few years.  Regardless, at some point you gave TNA an opportunity to win you over.  Something about it DID win you over and you kept coming back.  At some point you also gave us at TNAMecca a chance too.  We appreciate so much that you did.  Our growth has been pretty amazing to see over the course of these last 12 months.  We kept true to our vision of what we thought TNAMecca should be, and that never wavered.

We have exceptional writers that make this whole ship sail.  A genuine thanks goes to Nick Mann, Lewis Harris and "That Alternative" Richie.  Andy Fix will soon be showing off his writing skills too.  We all have personal lives, so dedicating hours to writing and contributing does often require sacrifices.  We do it because we love TNA.  We see what TNA is now and what it can be in the future and it motivates us to write and express our thoughts about it.  Nick, Lewis and Richie have all been fantastic contributors to the site and I look forward to working with them in the future as TNAMecca continues to grow and evolve.  None of us make any money doing this.  The volunteering of their time could never receive enough gratitude from us.  I also must mention Andre Corbeil and Big Ray as they were a huge part of TNAMecca for a good chunk of Year 1.  We feel honored that The Can Am Wrestling Show debuted and had its initial run at TNAMecca.  Ray and Andre are both fantastic wrestling minds that have etched out a great following for themselves.  I would encourage you to continue to support their work as they exhibit true professionalism and knowledge of pro-wrestling.

Throughout all the ups and downs in this first year, Chris, Lee and I have maintained our friendship as we make decisions as a team.  If you knew everything that happened behind the scenes at TNAMecca in the last year, it would blow your mind.  So many people did not want us to succeed when we first started.  We put up with a lot of bullshit and a lot of jealousy from others.  Thankfully those things have subsided over time and cooler heads have prevailed.  Chris has put in so much time and effort into making TNAMecca what it is.  He is the absolute backbone of this operation.  When people think of TNAMecca, they think of Chris Regal and rightfully so.  Nobody has put in more effort here than Chris and he deserves that recognition.  I would not be apart of TNAMecca without MisterTNA.  He is involved in all of the decision making at TNAMecca.  Pick 'Em League is his brain-child (often imitated, never duplicated) and some day when TNA has more live shows, Pick 'Em League will become a more prominent feature of the site.  They are both high-quality writers and stellar TNA fans.  I am truly grateful to both of them, and I wouldn't have wanted to co-found TNAMecca with anyone else.

In closing, I'd like to propose a toast.  Here's to TNA succeeding and always providing a true alternative in pro-wrestling for us to enjoy.  Here's to many more years ahead for TNAMecca and our community.  Long live Saturday Night Chat.  You will never look at Super Beta Prostate the same (*wink*).  Here's to hoping that Bound For Glory in Tokyo is a rousing success.  Here's to us, as TNA fans, uniting from all corners of the planet.  Here's to young, supple Ethan Carter III.  Here's to Rockstar Spud's amazing suit and bow-tie collection.  Here's to Spike TV for renewing their contract with TNA (I assume) and having the balls to show Dixie Carter going through a table on national TV.  I'll drink to that!  

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