20 August 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Aug 20, 2014

- It's been quite an eventful week so I'm going to try to put things in perspective since there seems to be so much uncertainty in the air.  Firstly, let me remind everyone that starting tonight, Impact will air on Wednesday nights so my Randomania column will now be posted every Wednesday at 12:00 AM EST.  I think the decision to move Impact to Wednesdays is a smart one because it will essentially give TNA an opportunity to build an audience, whether it's on SpikeTV or another network, without the tough competition that is sports programming.  Whether it's the NFL games, the NBA Finals, the NBA and NFL drafts, etc., Thursday nights have always been a night for huge sporting events.  The reality is that TNA and other sports share the same target audience so the company will always be at a disadvantage.  Add to this, the fact that WWE Smackdown might be moving to Thursdays and all of a sudden, that target audience drops even more.  For these reasons, Thursday night is simply not an option right now so I'm happy to see SpikeTV has made the decision to give Impact a chance on a night in which the competition is not as tough.  I'm not sure what provoked this decision, although the above competition is proof enough, but I suspect that there's a long term plan in place.

- Bully Ray was also a huge topic of discussion this week as he reportedly spoke with TNA staff backstage at a live event and informed them that he's no longer with the company, indicating that his contract had expired.  I think it's important to realize that this is not news until either Bully Ray or TNA confirm it.  I'm sure there will be wrestling sites reporting the "specifics" of the negotiations between the two sides as if they're privy to this information.  They are not.  So with that in mind, there's really nothing to report here nor will I speculate simply because I don't know all the facts.  It's difficult to speculate when you don't know vital information such as TNA's budget allocation for Bully Ray's contract, Ray's demands, etc., so anything I say is moot.  I can only express my opinion that I think Bully Ray leaving TNA isn't the end of the world.  Taking everything into account (his age, his contract, etc.), I don't think TNA should overpay for his services, although I do hope the two sides can find common ground and come to an agreement that works for both TNA and Bully Ray.

- One of the most bizarre stories, this week, is the status of Bound for Glory.  The dirtsheets have begun the speculation, or shall I say vulture journalism, that there will be no BFG this year, which is grossly premature.  This is absolutely not the case until TNA makes an official announcement.  Keep in mind, folks, the same sites which are planting the seeds for this story also claimed that the August 7th Impact taping in NYC could be the last...of course until TNA announced a new set of tapings this week!  With that said, I can only speak on the facts and the fact remains that Bound for Glory has been removed from the Calender of Events on TNA's site.  The last show listed is the September 19th tapings in Bethlehem, PA.  This is odd simply because TNA has already announced the event's date.  Dixie Carter spoke about BFG as recently as August 7th so if anything changed, it did so in the last 12 days, which is coincidentally also the period in which SpikeTV unexpectedly moved Impact to Wednesdays.  What exactly happened within the last two weeks to provoke such a last minute change to SpikeTV's programming schedule?  And does it have anything to do with Bound for Glory?  Hopefully, we will know soon enough but in the meantime, we can only speculate based on the few real facts.

- As if there weren't enough noteworthy moments this week, we also learned that Davey Richards broke his leg at a recent TNA live event.  Initially, I was devastated since the Wolves are one of my favorites acts in TNA right now and Richards getting seriously injured could not have happened at a worse time.  Having said that, this is one of the rare instances in which TNA taping so far in advance has helped them.  Every Impact until the end of September has been taped so hopefully Richards will not miss much time.  He claims that he will be back in 4 to 6 weeks and if that's true, he will miss most likely a month's worth of tapings, in the ring at least, since TNA are taping Impact on September 16th through the 19th in Bethlehem.  In the meantime, the writers will have to find something for Eddie Edwards to do and my suggestion is this: sign Roderick Strong and team him with Edwards in any future tag team title defenses until Richards returns.

- And lastly, I realize that there's so much uncertainty surrounding TNA right now but I encourage TNA fans to remain patient and continue to support the company through these trying times.  I know it can be frustrating while others may be discouraged but unfortunately this is all part of a company's evolution.  Behind the scenes, things are constantly moving whether it'd be talent contract negotiations, budget issues, etc., it's always a work in progress.  Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't but at the end of the day, it's the television product that matters.  It's the thing that drives everything else and as fans, we need to let TNA's product do its job: entertain us while the backstage issues take care of themselves.  And right now, Impact is as good as it's been in years.  Other than a few months in 2012, I can't recall a time, at least in the Hogan/Bischoff era, when Impact was better.  And you'd have to go back several years to find an era in TNA that was significantly better than the current one.  So while there are things about TNA that make us a little uneasy, I think it's important to note that the company is producing some of the best television ever.  In its entire history.  Let's not forget that while we stress over things that we can not control.

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