07 August 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Aug 7, 2014

- Earlier this year, TNA did the unthinkable by teasing Dixie Carter going through a table.  Other than a few raised eyebrows, I don't think fans took it seriously.  I certainly didn't.  At the time, I was convinced that there was no absolutely no way that she's going through a table.  Not a chance.  But then, Bully Ray began to mention it in his promos more and more and it eventually became the talking point in his encounters with Team Dixie. This is when I began to consider the possibility but even then, I couldn't quite visualize the moment, especially since she's never taken a real bump in her life.  A few weeks later, Bully Ray provided a visual aid by spray-painting Dixie's name onto a table and this is when I finally knew that it was happening.  TNA couldn't possibly turn back now, I thought.  The company had spent months teasing it, practically begging us to believe them.  Well, tonight it happens.  Dixie Carter will go through a table.  Dixie Carter will be the top rope...into a table.  Let that sink in for a moment.

- I've been noticing quite a bit of fake outrage about Dixie Carter's upcoming table spot from the usual suspects and quite frankly, I'm not surprised.  I realize there are some who are genuinely troubled by this moment and I respect their opinion but I assure you, the majority are simply complaining because it's happening in TNA.  I won't go into the 'it's kayfabe' argument because it'd be a waste of time.  Every single hater is fully aware of this and yet is so outraged because it fits their anti-TNA agenda.  Let's be real, this is their attempt to downplay this historic moment; an attempt to diminish its significance.

- With all the attention that the Destination X matches have gotten, tonight's line-up has taken a bit of a backseat but it should be another fantastic show.  Firstly, in an 8-man hardcore war, it will be EC3, Rhino, Snitsky, and Big Rycklon vs Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer, and a mystery partner (obviously a former ECW wrestler).  Secondly, the winners from last week's X Division qualifiers, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, and Sanada, will compete in a three-way for the championship.  And lastly, Bram and Abyss will battle in a Monster's Ball match, which is always a treat.  So overall, from an in-ring perspective, tonight's Impact should be quite entertaining.

- I hope the fact that Kenny King did not compete at Destination X last week is an indication that TNA feel he's a better fit in the main event scene, wrestling talents such as Bobby Roode and Eric Young.  I've been advocating this move for quite some time so I truly hope this is the case.

- And lastly, I'd like to focus a bit on TNA's recent transition to a pro wrestling show, leaving behind the obvious sports entertainment aspects.  Since Slammiversary, we've seen a new emphasis on in-ring action, in which the wrestlers are allowed to tell a story inside the ring and not via a long, drawn out promo.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy in-ring promos but I think less is more in this case.  In recent weeks, we've seen wrestlers cut a short promo before or after a match as opposed to taking up an entire segment simply to reiterate a point they could have backstage in much less time.  In addition, gone are the overbooked finishes, which were often quite frustrating, particularly on PPVs.  We're now witnessing clean wins more often.  Even more impressive, heels are winning matches clean and without interference, which is something you rarely see in mainstream wrestling anymore.  It's for this reason why Lashley has looked like a beast during his title reign as opposed to another paper champion. I think it's also important to note that the X Division is getting quite a bit of attention right now, which gives the shows a much needed dose of athleticism.  The Knockouts Division, which was stale just a couple of months ago, now feels rejuvenated simply because the women aren't hindered by ridiculous booking or gimmicks anymore.  And of course, it appears that the Tag Team Division finally has some much needed depth with the reunions of the Hardys and Team 3D.  Overall, TNA seems to now be focusing on pure wrestling storylines and it's making the show flow so much better and quite frankly, it's making the show much more enjoyable.  At a time when the WWE seems to be going further into a black hole of variety hour pageantry, TNA are intent to finally become a true alternative where wrestling fans can watch wrestling.  Not overly choreographed moves inside the ring, but real wrestling.  Many critics won't publicly give TNA the credit they deserve for reasons they only know, but I can assure you, real wrestling fans are noticing the recent change in TNA and are embracing it.  They're embracing it because they know that TNA is the true mainstream wrestling company.

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