14 August 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Aug 14, 2014

- This week, TNAMecca celebrated its first anniversary and although my colleagues Reece and Lee have already so eloquently expressed their appreciation for all your support, indulge me for a little bit as I do the same.  I won't bore you with the events that led to the creation of TNAMecca but I think it's important to understand that this site plays a vital role within the structure that is the internet wrestling community.  We launched at a time when there were very few sites, if any, that were truly TNA-friendly and we took it one step further...we knew that real TNA fans desired a community in which they could be free to root for the company they love without having to defend themselves to the smarks and trolls that run rampant on other sites.  Because that is what we do here, we root for TNA.  I'm not sure when it became a taboo to root for your favorite wrestling company like one would root for his or her favorite sports team but that is the essence of TNAMecca.  And it's what separates us from every other TNA site because we do not pretend to be what we aren't.  We are not objective "journalists" nor do we care to be.  We are TNA fans.  TNAMecca currently is, has always been, and will continue to be a TNA site for TNA fans by TNA fans.  

- I would be remiss if I didn't thank my partners, Lee and Reece.  Our relationship works so well because we have so much respect for one another and the way we treat one another has set the tone for the wonderful community of fans that we've created.  I adore you both. To the rest of our team, Nick, Lewis, Richie, and Andy...when we first launched, one of our biggest concerns was finding writers who shared our passion for TNA as well as our objective.  I'm happy to say that each and every one of you exemplifies those qualities and we hold dear everyday the fact that you've chosen us to script your work.  We will continue to seek new writers as TNAMecca grows and every applicant will be held to the standards that you have set, as writers and as people.

- Before I move on, I'll leave you with this...our mission statement on the day we launched - Monday, August 12th, 2013: "We envision TNAMecca as a website that people will want to read daily and experience great columns, current TNA news, well-informed opinions and an enjoyable environment.  We will share our honest opinions with explanation as to why we think the way we do.  Our goal is to create a location where you can do the same and be surrounded by others just like that.  We know a strong portion of the TNA fanbase are as intelligent as they are passionate and convey their opinions in a civilized manner with an argument to support it. We want TNAMecca to be a place for fans like that. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you that TNAMecca can be a place that ignites your passion for Impact Wrestling, as well as, a place that brings you back to your childhood when pro wrestling was fun.  We know and recognize that without you there is no TNAMecca and we are indebted to your loyalty."

- Dixie Carter went through a table last week and it appears that she's done as a television persona but it'll be interesting to see how the writers proceed with Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino.  I imagine the relationship between EC3 and Spud will remain strong but how exactly will Rhino be treated now that he's no longer needed to protect the Carters from Bully Ray and his crew?  It's definitely something to look for.

- It looks like Bobby Roode is next in line for a chance at Lashley's world heavyweight championship, judging by last week's confrontation.  I suspect that it's also the reason why TNA dropped the Bobby in Lashley's name, in order to avoid any confusion for whom the fans are rooting when they chant "Bobby".  I, for one, am ecstatic that TNA are essentially anointing Bobby Roode their top babyface right now because, in my opinion, he's the current face of the company.

- The treatment of Sanada by James Storm is one of the most intriguing storylines right now because he's essentially taking advantage of Sanada's discipline, ingrained in him by his true mentor.  It's a conflict that spans two nations, two cultures, and their differences.  I'm curious to know how the Japanese are reacting to this story as they watch Storm using their culture as a tool to control one of their own.  Storm has converted Sanada, it seems, for the time being and continues to show his dominance physically and emotionally (by forcing him to bow down to him).  It's simply scintillating to see how this develops as I'm sure it will involve other Japanese wrestlers, and the fact that Bound for Glory will take place in Tokyo this year only makes this story that much more interesting.

 - And lastly, it's been quiet on the TV deal front the last week or so as it appears TNA and SpikeTV are continuing to negotiate, at least that is what Dixie Carter claimed the other day during an interview.  She also claimed that other networks have shown interest in Impact's TV rights so that's certainly good to hear.  Interestingly enough, there's a rumor circulating that TNA and AMC have agreed to a deal.  However, there's no indication that it's legit at this time but it's definitely something to watch out for just in case there's some truth to it.  Last week, we learned that SpikeTV's President, Kevin Kay, was backstage at the Impact tapings in New York City and although that was a good sign, it hasn't unfortunately resulted in an announcement seven days later.  I was hoping to hear something following the tapings on Thursday night but that's not the case.  Yesterday, TNA posted a press release on their site regarding the viewership increase this Summer and although, on the surface, this might seem like a positive, I can't help but feel that it's an attempt to attract other networks by TNA.  If I'm right, this may be an indication that TNA and SpikeTV are at a standstill.  Of course, I'm only speculating but there's a reason why TNA wanted their viewership increase news out there and I have a feeling it's to do with TNA's attempt to gain leverage in their negotiations with SpikeTV.

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