08 August 2014

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

In 2008 the title of this column was known as the name of a hit single from the band The Script, and like most top chart songs it was about a love story, however in 2014 the phrase is an accurate description of the not so gentle man that sits atop the TNA mountain, “The Destroyer” Lashley. Since his return at Lockdown back in March, Lashley has been very impressive to say he hasn't been seen in a TNA ring since 2010, and after aligning with MVP & Kenny King, his game has been raised to a whole other level, World Championship level.

Within the space of 4 days, Lashley defeated his old rival Samoa Joe at Slammiversary in impressive fashion, and followed it up by beating then champion Eric Young to win his first TNA World Heavyweight Title. Since the history making feat, Lashley has defended his title against the former champion EY, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy and the now former X Division Champion Austin Aries, and in all three defences he has looked like an unstoppable force that simply cannot be beat. Now while the common link between all three of his opponents is their smaller size compared to the Champion, they aren’t 3 of the best in the business for nothing, but the reason why their advantages against a bigger opponent were neutralised is because Lashley is a hybrid, he is the prototype for the modern day heavyweight.

Not only does he posses the typical attributes of a heavyweight, size, strength & force, he also has the speed, agility & stamina of an X Division wrestler, thus eliminating the advantage a smaller wrestler normally has when facing a heavyweight, and what ultimately lead to the levelling of the playing field after bigger guys dominated for decades. By these attributes alone, its hard to disagree that the model heavyweight of the future should be modelled around Lashley, as it looks to be the recipe for success in the modern industry, but these characteristics alone are not the sole reason The Destroyer currently has possession of TNA's top prize, but it's a combination along with pure skill and confidence.

After 10+ years in pro wrestling, Lashley has gained both knowledge and experience, and since his return in March, its been obvious that they have come together and raised his game to a whole new level, shown especially in his last three title defences. But the key and crucial ingredient in this cocktail is confidence. Since aligning with MVP & Kenny King, Lashley walks around with a swagger and certainty that he is an unbeatable machine, and its no surprise with two loud mouths like King & MVP in his ear telling him he's unstoppable and that out of the three of them, he is without a doubt the “clean up guy”, I'm sure anyone would believe that if those two were constantly in their ear telling them its true, the only difference is Lashley really is that guy.

Even with all the talent in the world, if someone lacks confidence in some area's, it can cause them to slip up, so with his buddies in his corner telling him he's the man, and his unbelievable drive to be the best wrestler and athlete he can be, I can see Lashley being a dominant Champion for as long as he wants to be. With nobody in sight that can match or surpass his level of ability across the board, or even more momentum that his previous challenger's have had, it looks like TNA's World Heavyweight Champion is the man that can't be moved.

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