29 August 2014

Team 3D at BFG

Finally we're getting a tentative idea about what Bound For Glory will look like this year.  BFG 2014 has a very odd set of circumstances that involve booking a big Pay-Per-View event halfway across the world.  Now at least we know when the tickets are going on sale and who the first set of confirmed TNA wrestlers are for the event (read the details here).  I find the list of names that have been released to be logical and somewhat revealing about who TNA intends to push going forward.  Bram is on the list currently, and Magnus is not.  Samoa Joe is listed, but Austin Aries is not (I know I'm asking for trouble by pointing that out and for the record I think Aries will still be there).  The rest of the names were expected, but the most revealing line in the announcement was the reiterating that Team 3D will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.  I know that there's a lot of controversy surrounding the possible re-signing of one Bully Ray.  I am not naïve enough to assume that just because TNA includes that line in the BFG announcement that it's guaranteed that they'll be in Tokyo that night.  I do have a gut feeling though, and it's telling me that Bully Ray shows up regardless.

I'm sure that my confidence about Bully being at BFG in Japan will split you guys down the line 50/50 or slightly more one way or the other.  There is not a consensus at this point because nobody out there knows for sure.  There is a lot of hunches and a lot of "wanting" him signed or not signed, but at the end of the day only TNA management, Bully himself and a few people in his inner circle (Velvet and Devon included) know whether or not he'll show.  I'm going to put my vote out there that he will end up showing because I believe that the man respects the business immensely based off of several interviews that I've listened to.  Even if a new contract is not signed, he can't go anywhere else on TV for 90 days (most likely).  So if things work out that way and Bully leaves the company, what would prevent him from doing a one-night agreement to show up in Tokyo with Devon to have their TNA HOF Induction in person?  It would be the right thing to do and he owes that much to TNA, even if they cannot come to terms on a new contract.

If you think about it logically and objectively and not with a "let Bully go because we can sign other young talent" kind of mentality, you know that I'm right.  TNA is not going to keep advertising Team 3D being there at BFG without some kind of back-up plan, like the one-off appearance that I've outlined.  I understand that it's an awkward and somewhat precarious position for TNA to be in since they are still in contract negotiations with someone that is scheduled to be a big part of the show.  It's a 95% or higher chance that Bully is not re-signed at the moment.  However, they still have 6 weeks to work out some kind of deal with him, even if it's simply to accept the HOF honor.  If Bully Ray decided to show them up and refuses to be at BFG, then I will lose most of my respect for the man to be honest.  I don't believe that he is that kind of guy that would be that unprofessional and disrespect the business in that manner.  Bully Ray and Devon will be at BFG, mark my words.  In what capacity, or if they'll have a match, is what's yet to be determined.    

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